IRS Seminars and Workshops

Labor Economics Seminar

The Section arranges research seminars during the academic year that are attended by interested graduate students and faculty. Typically, a “working paper” written by an outside researcher or by a faculty member is presented and then thoroughly discussed at the meeting. Generally, the majority of the research seminars are led by prominent researchers from other institutions who present the research project on which they are currently engaged. IR graduate students who are “on the market” are encouraged to give a seminar where they can present their job market paper.

Labor seminars are typically on Mondays, 1:20pm, in the Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, Room 217 or 399 during the fall and spring semesters. The dates and locations may vary, however, and are noted on the seminar schedule.


Upcoming Labor Economics Seminars

The schedule is currently under development.

Graduate Labor Workshops

The Section also arranges graduate labor workshops (or labor lunches) during the year on Thursdays at 12pm ET in the Louis A .Simpson International Building, Room 271. These are given generally by graduate students who have a work in progress that they would like to present or discuss in order to receive feedback, especially from Section faculty. Occasionally a faculty member or researcher from another institution may also present a paper.

Generally these workshops are open to members of the Section and the wider Economics  Department, and any other faculty the student may wish to invite. On occasion these sessions are held in a smaller format for the student and Section faculty to allow for more focused  feedback and discussion.  Please contact Valerie Ching if you wish to be added to the workshop invitation list.

Upcoming Graduate Labor Workshops

No upcoming events posted at this time.