Albert Rees Dissertation Prize

Dissertation in Labor Economics

The prize is awarded every two years for Princeton Ph.D. dissertations, completed within the last six years, judged to have made outstanding contributions to labor economics. The prize commemorates Al Rees's great contributions to labor economics at Princeton as a scholar, teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend.

The prize carries an honorarium and a commemorative plaque.

The 2023 prize is awarded to:

Felipe Goncalves, assistant professor of economics at University of California, Los Angeles and Steven Mello, assistant professor of economics at Dartmouth College.

Felipe Goncalves and Steven Mello



  • 2021

    Jacob Goldin
    Pauline Leung

  • 2019

    Nikolaj Harmon
    Nicholas Lawson

  • 2017

    Tatiana A. Homonoff
    Zhuan Pei

  • 2015

    Silvia Barcellos
    Leandro Carvalho

  • 2013

    Kirk Doran
    Elaine Liu

  • 2011

    Giovanni Mastrobuoni

  • 2009

    Mark Votruba
    Alexandre Mas

  • 2007

    Olivier Deschenes
    Erica Field

  • 2005

    David Lee
    Luojia Hu

  • 2003

    Gordon Dahl
    Michael Greenstone

  • 2001

    Dean Hyslop
    Kenneth Chay

  • 1999

    Kevin Hallock

  • 1997

    Patricia Anderson