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Number Title Authors Date
177 Trade Unions and the Welfare Economics of Wages and Income Policy A. Oswald 07/1984
176 Uncertainty, Unions and the Theory of Public Sector Labour Markets A. Oswald; D. Ulph; P. Grout 07/1984
175 Miners' Wages in Post-War Britain: An Application of a Model of Trade Union Behavior A. Oswald; A.A. Carruth 07/1984
174 Using the Longitudinal Structure of Earnings to Estimate the Effect of Training Programs D. Card; O. Ashenfelter 11/1984
173 Macroeconomic Analyses and Microeconomic Analyses of Labor Supply O. Ashenfelter 05/1984
166 Intertemporal Labor Supply in the Presence of Long Term Contracts D. Card; J.M. Abowd 06/1984
172 Arbitrators as Lie Detectors D. Card 12/1983
171 An Analysis of Worker Sectoral Choice: Public vs. Private Employment R. Blank 12/1983
170 Welfare, Wages and Migration, An Analysis of Locational Choice by Female-Headed Households R. Blank 11/1983
169 Are Those Paid More Really No More Productive? Measuring the Relative Importance of Tenure Versus On-The-Job Training in Explaining Wage Growth J.N. Brown 10/1983
168 Wage and Employment Determinations in a Dynamic Model with Bilateral Monopoly J. Abraham 09/1983
167 Three Theorems on Inflation Taxes and Marginal Employment Subsidies A. Oswald 09/1983
165 Income Redistribution During a Disinflation and its Effect on the Disinflation Path J. Abraham 06/1983
164 The Effect of Residential Location on the Wages of Black Women and White Women C. Reid 06/1983
163 The Pitfalls in Judging Arbitrator Impartiality by Win-Loss Tallies Under Final-Offer Arbitration D. Bloom; O. Ashenfelter 05/1983
162 Racial Salary Discrimination in Major League Baseball: Some Recent Evidence C. Reid 05/1983
161 The Effects of Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Rules on Job Quitting Behavior G. Solon 05/1983
160 Estimating Autocorrelations in Fixed-Effects Models G. Solon 04/1983
159 On Least Squares Estimation When the Dependent Variable is Grouped M.B. Stewart 11/1982
158 Racial Discrimination and Occupational Attainment in Britain M.B. Stewart 10/1982
157 Trade Union Wage Differentials in the U.K.: A Strange and Sad Story M.B. Stewart; P.A. Geroski 10/1982
156 Job Rationing, Unemployment, and Discouraged Workers G. Cave 10/1982
155 Longitudinal Labor Market Data: Sources, Uses, and Limitations G. Solon; O. Ashenfelter 09/1982
154 An Econometric Model of Trade Union Membership Growth in Canada, 1925-1966 M. Abbott 09/1982
153 Agency Delayed Compensation, and the Structure of Executive Remuneration H. Rosen; J. Eaton 09/1982
152 Indexation in Long Term Labor Contracts: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis D. Card 08/1982
151 Taxation and On-The-Job Training Decisions H. Rosen 08/1982
150 Estimating Family Labor Supply Models Under Quantity Constraints M. Ransom 07/1982
149 Work Incentive Effects of Taxing Employment Benefits G. Solon 07/1982
148 Time Series Representation of Economic Variables and Alternative Models of the Labor Market D. Card; O. Ashenfelter 06/1982
147 Specification Tests of Quarterly Econometric Models of Aggregate Strike Frequency in Canada M. Abbott 05/1982
140 Race, Ranking and Promotions at a Federal Facility: A Logit Analysis C.W. Reimers; M.R. Killingsworth 01/1982
146 Models of Arbitrator Behavior: Theory and Evidence D. Bloom; O. Ashenfelter 11/1981
145 Wage Indexation in Labor Contracts and the Measurement of Escalation Elasticities D. Card 08/1981
144 Unemployment Insurance, Filing Delay, and Unemployment Duration G. Solon 08/1981
143 An Empirical Analysis of Welfare Dependence M.W. Plant 07/1981
142 What is a Full Employment Goal in the 1980's? O. Ashenfelter 07/1981
141 Estimation of a Labour Supply Model with Censoring Due to Unemployment and Underemployment J.C. Ham 11/1980
139 Sources of the Wage Gap Between Hispanic and Other White Americans C.W. Reimers 08/1980
138 Income Policy and Wage Differentials O. Ashenfelter; R. Layard 06/1980
137 Anticipated Unemployment, Temporary Layoffs and Compensating Wage Differentials J. Abowd; O. Ashenfelter 06/1980
136 Determining Participation in Income-Tested Social Programs O. Ashenfelter 11/1980
135 Determinants of the Form of Long Term Wage Contracts D. Card 06/1980
134 How Close to an Auction is the Labor Market? Employee Risk Aversion, Income Uncertainty, and Optimal Labor Contracts J.N. Brown 03/1980
133 Correcting the Biases in Dynamic Models with Fixed Effects S. Nickell 03/1980
132 A Neoclassical and a Radical Explanation of the Interstate Variation in Worker's Compensation Benefits in the United States J. Frisch 03/1980
129 The Effect of Final Offer Arbitration on the Salaries of Municipal Police Officers in New Jersey D. Bloom 05/1980
131 Inflation as Prisoner's Dilemma: The Case for Mandatory Wage-Price Controls S. Maital; Y. Benjamini 11/1979
130 Wage Movements in the Labor Market Equilibrium Hypothesis J. Altonji; O. Ashenfelter 11/1979
128 The Net Employment Effect of Direct Job Creation Programs: Most Recent Evidence L. Bassi 11/1979