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Number Title Authors Date
248 Relative Performance Evaluation for Chief Executive Officers K. Murphy; R. Gibbons 01/1989
247 Deregulation and Labor Earnings in the Airline Industry D. Card 01/1989
246 Minimum Chi-Square and Three-Stage Least Squares in Fixed Effects Models. J. Angrist; W. Newey 01/1989
245 Endogenous Output in an Aggregate Model of the Labor Market H. Rosen; R. Quandt 11/1988
244 Household Composition and Labor Demand: A Test of Rural Labor Market Efficiency D. Benjamin 11/1988
243 Recent Trends in Insured and Uninsured Unemployment: Is There an Explanation? R. Blank; D. Card; W. Newey 11/1988
242 Implications of the Illinois Reemployment Bonus Experiments for Theories of Unemployment and Policy Design B. Meyer 11/1988
241 The Impact of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment B. Meyer; L.F. Katz 11/1988
240 The Extent of Measurement Error in Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? J. Bound; A.B. Krueger 10/1988
239 Moral Hazard in Workers' Compensation A.B. Krueger 09/1988
238 The Employers' Costs of Workers' Compensation Insurance: Magnitudes and Determinants A.B. Krueger; J.F. Burton 08/1988
237 Occupational Matching: A Test of Sorts B.P. McCall 08/1988
236 Job Search, Matching Information, and the Behavior of Reservation Wages Over an Unemployment Spell B.P. McCall 07/1988
235 Seniority and Distribution in a Two-Worker Trade Union J. Robert; P. Kuhn 07/1988
234 Grouped Data Estimation and Testing in Simple Labor Supply Models J. Angrist 07/1988
233 Final Offer Arbitration and the Incentive to Bargain: A Principal-Agent Approach B.P. McCall 06/1988
232 Unexpected Inflation, Real Wages, and Employment Determination in Union Contracts D. Card 05/1988
231 The Effect of Private Information on Wage Settlements and Strike Activity D. Herrington 06/1988
230 Job Queues and Wages: New Evidence on the Minimum Wage and Inter-Industry Wage Structure A.B. Krueger; H. Holzer; L.F. Katz 04/1988
229 Strikes, Wages and Private Information: An Empirical Study S. McConnell 12/1987
228 Supply and Demand in the Labor Market D. Card 11/1987
227 The Determinants of Queues for Federal Jobs A.B. Krueger 10/1987
226 Ownership, Agency and Wages: An Examination of the Fast Food Industry A.B. Krueger 09/1987
225 Are Public Sector Workers Paid More Than Their Alternative Wage? Evidence from Longitudinal Data and Job Queues A.B. Krueger 09/1987
224 Why Are Wages Cyclical in the 1970's? R. Blank 08/1987
223 The Effect of Military Service of Civilian Labor Market Experience J. Angrist 07/1987
222 Wages and Hours: Estimating Vector Autoregressions with Panel Data D. Holtz-Eakin; W. Newey; H. Rose 06/1987
221 An Empirical Study of Strikes and Wages D. Card 05/1987
220 On the Accuracy and Cost of Numerical Integration in Several Variable M.W. Plant; R. Quandt 05/1987
219 Arbitrator Behavior O. Ashenfelter 02/1987
218 Collective Bargaining and the Division of the Value of the Enterprise J.M. Abowd 01/1987
217 An Empirical Study of Dispute Resolution Under an Arbitration System: The Case of British Columbia's Teachers J. Neelin 01/1987
216 The Economics of Discrimination Thirty Years Later: Economists Enter the Courtroom O. Ashenfelter; R. Oaxaca 01/1987
215 Cyclical Fluctuations in Strike Activity S. McConnell 01/1987
214 Labor Supply Preferences, Hours Constraints, and Hours-Wage Tradeoffs C. Paxson; J.G. Altonji 01/1987
213 Longitudinal Analysis of Strike Activity D. Card 08/1986
212 Unemployment Insurance and Male Unemployment Duration in Canada J.C. Ham; S. Rea 08/1986
211 On Understanding the Rise in Non-Tenure Track Appointments H. Kasper 08/1986
210 The Sensitivity of Labor Supply Parameter Estimates to Unobserved Individual Effects: Fixed and Random Effects Estimates in a Nonlinear Model Using Panel Data G. Jakubson 08/1986
209 Measurement Error in Binary Explanatory Variables in Panel Data Models: Why Do Cross Section and Panel Estimates of the Union Wage Effect Differ? G. Jakubson 08/1986
208 Estimation and Testing of Fixed Effect Models: Estimating the Union Wage Effect Using Panel Data G. Jakubson 08/1986
207 An Experimental Test of Rubinstein's Theory of Bargaining H. Sonnenschein; J. Neelin; M. Spiegel 05/1986
206 Measuring the Effect of CETA Participation on Movements In and Out of Employment D. Card; D. Sullivan 02/1986
205 Long-Term Relationships Governed by Short-Term Contracts V.P. Crawford 02/1986
204 Why Have Unemployment Rates in Canada and the U.S. Diverged? D. Card; O. Ashenfelter 02/1986
203 The Case for Evaluating Training Programs with Randomized Trials O. Ashenfelter 01/1986
202 Unemployment, Disequilibrium and the Short-Run Phillips Curve: An Econometric Approach H. Rosen; R. Quandt 12/1985
201 Variation in Employment Growth in Canada: The Role of External, National, Regional and Industrial Factors J.G. Altonji; J.C. Ham 11/1985
200 Sectoral Shifts and Canadian Unemployment J. Neelin 10/1985
199 Hours-Wage Tradeoffs and Job Mobility C. Paxson; J.G. Altonji 08/1985