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Number Title Author Date
264 Work Characteristics, Firm Size and Wages Christoph Schmidt, Klaus Zimmermann 05/1990
263 The Effect of a Reemployment Bonus with the Possibility of Recall: Experimental Evidence from New Jersey Patricia Anderson 03/1990
262 Labor Supply with a Minimum Hours Threshold David Card 02/1990
261 Worker's Compensation Insurance and the Duration of Workplace Injuries Alan Krueger 02/1990
260 Negotiator Behavior and the Occurrence of Disputes Orley Ashenfelter, Janet Currie 02/1990
259 Non-Parametric Estimates of the Labor Supply Effects of Negative Income Tax Programs Orley Ashenfelter, Mark Plant 01/1990
258 The Evolution of Unjust-Dismissal Legislation in the United States Alan Krueger 10/1989
257 Testing Search Theory with Reemployment Bonus Experiments: Cross-Validation of Results from New Jersey and Illinois Phillip Levine 09/1989
256 The Effects of Immigration on the Labor Market Outcome of Less-Skilled Natives David Card, Joseph Altonji 10/1989
255 The Effect of Social Security on Labor Supply: A Cohort Analysis of the Notch Generation Jorn-Steffen Pischke, Alan Krueger 07/1989
254 Why Do World War II Veterans Earn More Than Nonveterans? Joshua Angrist, Alan Krueger 06/1989
253 The Impact of the Mariel Boatlift on the Miami Labor Market David Card 05/1989
252 Long-Term Contracts and Equilibrium Models of the Labor Market: Some Favorable Evidence John DiNardo, Paul Beaudry 05/1989
251 Lifetime Earnings and the Vietnam Era Draft Lottery: Evidence from Social Security Administrative Records Joshua Angrist 04/1989
250 Selection for Military Service in the Vietnam Era Joshua Angrist 04/1989
249 Layoffs and Lemons Robert Gibbons, Lawrence Katz 04/1989
248 Relative Performance Evaluation for Chief Executive Officers Robert Gibbons, Kevin Murphy 01/1989
247 Deregulation and Labor Earnings in the Airline Industry David Card 01/1989
246 Minimum Chi-Square and Three-Stage Least Squares in Fixed Effects Models. Joshua Angrist, Whitney Newey 01/1989
245 Endogenous Output in an Aggregate Model of the Labor Market Harvey Rosen, Richard Quandt 11/1988
244 Household Composition and Labor Demand: A Test of Rural Labor Market Efficiency Dwayne Benjamin 11/1988
243 Recent Trends in Insured and Uninsured Unemployment: Is There an Explanation? Rebecca Blank, Whitney Newey, David Card 11/1988
242 Implications of the Illinois Reemployment Bonus Experiments for Theories of Unemployment and Policy Design Bruce Meyer 11/1988
241 The Impact of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on the Duration of Unemployment Bruce Meyer, Lawrence Katz 11/1988
240 The Extent of Measurement Error in Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? John Bound, Alan Krueger 10/1988
239 Moral Hazard in Workers' Compensation Alan Krueger 09/1988
238 The Employers' Costs of Workers' Compensation Insurance: Magnitudes and Determinants Alan Krueger, John Burton 08/1988
237 Occupational Matching: A Test of Sorts Brian McCall 08/1988
236 Job Search, Matching Information, and the Behavior of Reservation Wages Over an Unemployment Spell Brian McCall 07/1988
235 Seniority and Distribution in a Two-Worker Trade Union Jacques Robert, Peter Kuhn 07/1988
234 Grouped Data Estimation and Testing in Simple Labor Supply Models Joshua Angrist 07/1988
233 Final Offer Arbitration and the Incentive to Bargain: A Principal-Agent Approach Brian McCall 06/1988
232 Unexpected Inflation, Real Wages, and Employment Determination in Union Contracts David Card 05/1988
231 The Effect of Private Information on Wage Settlements and Strike Activity Douglas Herrington 06/1988
230 Job Queues and Wages: New Evidence on the Minimum Wage and Inter-Industry Wage Structure Harry Holzer, Alan Krueger, Lawrence Katz 04/1988
229 Strikes, Wages and Private Information: An Empirical Study Sheena McConnell 12/1987
228 Supply and Demand in the Labor Market David Card 11/1987
227 The Determinants of Queues for Federal Jobs Alan Krueger 10/1987
226 Ownership, Agency and Wages: An Examination of the Fast Food Industry Alan Krueger 09/1987
225 Are Public Sector Workers Paid More Than Their Alternative Wage? Evidence from Longitudinal Data and Job Queues Alan Krueger 09/1987
224 Why Are Wages Cyclical in the 1970's? Rebecca Blank 08/1987
223 The Effect of Military Service of Civilian Labor Market Experience Joshua Angrist 07/1987
222 Wages and Hours: Estimating Vector Autoregressions with Panel Data Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Whitney Newey, Harvey Rosen 06/1987
221 An Empirical Study of Strikes and Wages David Card 05/1987
220 On the Accuracy and Cost of Numerical Integration in Several Variable Richard Quandt, Mark Plant 05/1987
219 Arbitrator Behavior Orley Ashenfelter 02/1987
218 Collective Bargaining and the Division of the Value of the Enterprise John Abowd 01/1987
217 An Empirical Study of Dispute Resolution Under an Arbitration System: The Case of British Columbia's Teachers Janet Neelin 01/1987
216 The Economics of Discrimination Thirty Years Later: Economists Enter the Courtroom Orley Ashenfelter, Ronald Oaxaca 01/1987
215 Cyclical Fluctuations in Strike Activity Sheena McConnell 01/1987