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Number Title Authors Date
328 Learning and Wage Dynamics* H.S. Farber; R. Gibbons 05/1994
327 Is Workers' Compensation Covering Uninsured Medical Costs? Evidence from the 'Monday Effect' D. Card; C. Riddell 04/1994
326 Comment on W. Norton Grubb, "The Varied Economic Returns to Postsecondary Education: New Evidence from the Class of 1972" C. Rouse; T.J. Kane 01/1994
325 Forming Beliefs about Adjudicated Outcomes: Risk Attitudes, Uncertainty, and Reservation Values C. Fobian; E. Shafir; H.S. Farber; L. Babcock 01/1994
324 Polities and Peace H.S. Farber; J. Gowa 01/1994
323 Observations on Employment-Based Government Mandates, With Particular Reference to Health Insurance A.B. Krueger 01/1994
322 Changing Wage Structure and Black-White Wage Differentials: A Longitudinal Analysis D. Card; T. Lemieux 01/1994
321 Following in Her Footsteps? Women's College Majors and Faculty Gender Composition* B. Canes; H. Rosen 10/1993
320 Split Sample Instrumental Variables A.B. Krueger; J. Angrist 10/1993
319 Sticking It Out: Entrepreneurial Survival and Liquidity Constraints D. Holtz-Eakin; D. Joulfaian; H. Rosen 10/1993
318 Estimates of the Return to Schooling From Sibling Data: Fathers, Sons and Brothers D. Zimmerman; O. Ashenfelter 09/1993
317 Using Geographic Variation in College Proximity to Estimate the Return to Schooling D. Card 07/1993
316 Comment on David Neumark and William Wascher, "Employment Effects of Minimum and Subminimum Wages: Panel Data on State Minimum Wage Laws" A.B. Krueger; D. Card; L. Katz 04/1993
315 Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania A.B. Krueger; D. Card 03/1993
314 A Comparison of Formal and Informal Dispute Resolution in Medical Malpractice H.S. Farber; M.J. White 03/1993
313 Democratization or Diversion? The Effect of Community Colleges on Educational Attainment C. Rouse 02/1993
312 Wage Dispersion, Returns to Skill, and Black-White Wage Differentials D. Card; T. Lemieux 02/1993
311 Labor Market Returns to Two- And Four-Year College: Is A Credit a Credit And Do Degrees Matter? C. Rouse; T.J. Kane 01/1993
310 Trends in Relative Black/White Earnings Revisited A.B. Krueger; D. Card 01/1993
309 The Incidence and Costs of Job Loss: 1982-1991 H.S. Farber 01/1993
308 The Analysis of Inter-Firm Worker Mobility H.S. Farber 10/1992
307 A Comparative Analysis of East and West German Labor Markets: Before and After Unification A.B. Krueger; J.S. Pischke 08/1992
306 Union Membership in the United States: The Decline Continues A.B. Krueger; H.S. Farber 08/1992
305 The Impact of Permanent Job Loss on Health Insurance Benefits C.A. Olson 07/1992
304 Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling from a New Sample of Twins A.B. Krueger; O. Ashenfelter 07/1992
303 Displaced Workers in Mass Layoffs: Pre-Displacement Earnings Losses and the Unions Effect S. Rica 06/1992
302 The Carnegie Conjecture: Some Empirical Evidence D. Holtz-Eakin; D. Joulfaian; H. Rosen 03/1992
301 Race and School Quality Since Brown vs. Board of Education A.B. Krueger; M. Boozer; S. Wolkon 03/1992
300 Using Regional Variation in Wages to Measure the Effects of the Federal Minimum Wage D. Card 03/1992
299 Entrepreneurial Decisions and Liquidity Constraints D. Holtz-Eakin; D. Joulfaian; H. Rosen 02/1992
298 The Effect of the Minimum Wage on the Fast Food Industry A.B. Krueger; L. Katz 02/1992
297 A Comparative Analysis of Unemployment in Canada and the United States D. Card 01/1992
296 Arbitrator Decision-Making in Multi-Issue Disputes C.A. Olson 01/1992
295 Is Arbitration Addictive? Evidence From the Laboratory and the Field H.S. Farber; J. Currie 01/1992
294 Bargaining Power, Strike Durations, and Wage Outcomes: An Analysis of Strikes in the 1880s C.A. Olson; D. Card 01/1992
293 Linear Adjustment Costs and Seasonal Labor Demand: Unemployment Insurance Experience Rating in Retail Trade P. Anderson 01/1992
292 How Convincing Is The Evidence Linking Education and Income? O. Ashenfelter 11/1991
291 How Computers Have Changed the Wage Structure: Evidence From Microdata, 1984-89 A.B. Krueger 08/1991
290 Estimating the Payoff to Schooling Using the Vietnam-era Draft Lottery A.B. Krueger; J. Angrist 08/1991
289 Individual Income, Incomplete Information, and Aggregate Consumption J.S. Pischke 08/1991
287 The Effect of Unions on the Distribution of Wages: Redistribution or Relabelling? D. Card 07/1991
286 The Salaries of Ph.D's in Academe and Elsewhere A. Rees 06/1991
285 Negotiated Settlements and Learning From the Arbitration Experience B. Rau; C.A. Olson 06/1991
284 A Comparison of Interest Arbitrator Decision -Making in Experimental and Field Settings C.A. Olson; G. Dell'Omo 05/1991
283 Spillover Effects Between the Insured and Uninsured Unemployed P. Levine 05/1991
282 Changes in the Structure of Wages in the Public and Private Sectors A.B. Krueger; L. Katz 03/1991
281 Immigration and Wages: Evidence From the 1980s K. Butcher; D. Card 02/1991
280 The Effect of the New Minimum Wage Law in a Low-Wage Labor Market A.B. Krueger; L. Katz 01/1991
288 Unemployment Insurance Taxes and the Cyclical Properties of Employment and Unemployment D. Card; P. Levine 07/1990
279 The Incidence of Mandated Employer-Provided Insurance: Lessons from Workers' Compensations Insurance A.B. Krueger; J. Gruber 12/1990