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Number Title Author Date
400 Mobility and Stability: The Dynamics of Job Change in Labor Markets Henry Farber 06/1998
399 Wage Inequality in the U.S. during the 1980s: Rising Dispersion or Falling Minimum Wage? David Lee 03/1998
398 Who Pays for Health Insurance? Employee Contributions to Health Insurance Premiums Helen Levy 03/1998
397 A Useful Interpretation of R-Squared in Binary Choice Models (Or, Have We Dismissed the Good Old R-Squared; Prematurely) Reuben Gronau 02/1998
396 Schools and Student Achievement: More Evidence From the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Cecilia Rouse 01/1998
395 Reassessing the View that American Schools Are Broken Alan Krueger 01/1998
394 Has the Rate of Job Loss Increased in the Nineties? Henry Farber 01/1998
393 A Reanalysis of the Effect of the New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase on the Fast-Food Industry with Representative Payroll Data Alan Krueger, David Card 12/1997
392 Assessing Bias in the Consumer Price Index from Survey Data Aaron Siskind, Alan Krueger 12/1997
391 Alternative Employment Arrangements as a Response to Job Loss Henry Farber 10/1997
390 Observations and Conjectures on the U.S. Employment Miracle Jorn-Steffen Pischke, Alan Krueger 08/1997
389 Why Do Economists Disagree About Policy? The Roles of Beliefs About Parameters and Values James Poterba, Victor Fuchs, Alan Krueger 08/1997
388 Further Estimates of the Economic Return to Schooling from a New Sample of Twins Cecilia Rouse 07/1997
387 School Finance Reform, the Distribution of School Spending, and the Distribution of SAT Scores Abigail Payne, David Card 07/1997
386 Adapting to Circumstances: The Evolution of Work, School, and Living Arrangements Among North American Youth David Card, Thomas Lemieux 06/1997
385 Job Creation in the United States: Good Jobs or Bad? Henry Farber 07/1997
384 Trends in Long Term Employment in the United States, 1979-96 Henry Farber 07/1997
383 Daily Labor Supply of Stadium Vendors: An Empirical Analysis of Participation and Effort Decisions Gerald Oettinger 06/1997
382 The Changing Face of Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1995 Henry Farber 06/1997
381 Mobility and the Returns to Education: Testing A Roy Model With Multiple Markets Gordon Dahl 05/1997
380 Would Financial Incentives for Leaving Welfare Lead Some People to Stay on Welfare Longer? An Experimental Evaluation of 'Entry Effects' in the Self-Sufficiency Project Philip Robins, Winston Lin, David Card 05/1997
379 Experimental Estimates of Education Production Functions Alan Krueger 05/1997
378 The Demand for Labor and Job Turnover: Israeli Manufacturing 1970 - 1994 Reuben Gronau, Haim Regev 03/1997
377 Computing Inequality: Have Computers Changed the Labor Market? David Autor, Alan Krueger, Lawrence Katz 03/1997
376 Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of 'Blind' Auditions on Female Musicians Claudia Goldin, Cecilia Rouse 01/1997
375 Labor Market Shifts and the Price Puzzle Revisited Alan Krueger 01/1997
374 The Precision of Instrumental Variables Estimates With Grouped Data Lara Shore-Sheppard 12/1996
373 Income Taxes and Entrepreneurs' Use of Labor Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Mark Rider, Robert Carroll, Harvey Rosen 12/1996
372 Changes in Relative Wages in the 1980s: Returns to Observed and Unobserved Skills and Black-White Wage Differentials Kenneth Chay, David Lee 12/1996
371 Private School Vouchers and Student Achievement: An Evaluation of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Cecilia Rouse 12/1996
370 Accounting for the Slowdown in Employer Health Care Costs Helen Levy, Alan Krueger 11/1996
369 The Effects of Expanding Medicaid Eligibility on the Distribution of Children's Health Insurance Coverage Lara Shore-Sheppard 09/1996
368 Immigrant Inflows, Native Outflows, and the Local Labor Market Impacts of Higher Immigration David Card 11/1996
367 Do Markets Respond More To More Reliable Labor Market Data? A Test of Market Rationality Alan Krueger, Kenneth Fortson 09/1996
366 School Resources and Student Outcomes: An Overview of the Literature and New Evidence from North and South Carolina Alan Krueger, David Card 07/1996
365 Income, Schooling, and Ability: Evidence from a New Sample of Twins Orley Ashenfelter, Cecilia Rouse 07/1996
364 The Litigious Plaintiff Hypothesis: Case Selection and Resolution Henry Farber, Theodore Eisenberg 06/1996
363 An Analysis of Women's Labor Force Participation Following First Birth Lisa Barrow 06/1996
362 Observations on International Labor Standards and Trade Alan Krueger 04/1996
361 Stemming the Tide? The Effect of Expanding Medicaid Eligibility on Health Insurance Coverage Lara Shore-Sheppard 04/1996
360 The Changing Face of Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1993 Henry Farber 03/1996
359 Do Financial Incentives Encourage Welfare Recipients to Work? Early Findings from the Canadian Self Sufficiency Project Philip Robins, David Card 03/1996
358 A Statistical Analysis of Crime Against Foreigners in Unified Germany Jorn-Steffen Pischke, Alan Krueger 02/1996
357 Labor Market Effects of School Quality: Theory and Evidence Alan Krueger, David Card 01/1996
352 Unemployment in Canada and the United States: A Further Analysis Craig Riddell, David Card 12/1996
356 Does Inflation 'Grease the Wheels of the Labor Market'? Dean Hyslop, David Card 12/1995
355 Changes in the Relative Structure of Wages and Employment: A Comparison of the United States, Canada, and France Francis Kramarz, David Card, Thomas Lemieux 12/1995
354 The Effect of Sales Incentives on Business Seasonality Paul Oyer 11/1995
353 Were You Referred By a Man or a Woman? Gender of Contracts and Labor Market Outcomes Jacqueline Berger 11/1995
351 Matching, Human Capital, and the Covariance Structure of Earnings Daniel Parent 11/1995