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Number Title Author Date
464 Income Distribution and Skilled Biased Technological Change Andrea Vindigni 06/2002
463 Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life Orley Ashenfelter, Michael Greenstone 04/2002
462 Natives, the Foreign-Born and High School Equivalents: New Evidence on the Returns to the GED David Jaeger, Melissa Clark 04/2002
461 Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone Tires Alan Krueger, Alexandre Mas 01/2002
460 Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Declining Union Organization Bruce Western, Henry Farber 12/2001
459 Financial Aid Packages and College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study Harvey Rosen, David Linsenmeier, Cecilia Rouse 11/2001
458 The Effect of Changes in the U.S. Wage Structure on Recent Immigrants' Earnings Darren Lubotsky 09/2001
457 Interpretation of Regressions with Multiple Proxies Darren Lubotsky, Martin Wittenberg 09/2001
456 Unobserved Ability, Comparative Advantage, and the Rising Return to Education in the United States: A Cohort-Based Approach Olivier Deschenes 08/2001
455 Instrumental Variables and the Search for Identification: From Supply and Demand to Natural Experiments Joshua Angrist, Alan Krueger 08/2001
454 Another Look at Whether a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Hilary Hoynes, James Hines, Alan Krueger 07/2001
453 Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1999 Henry Farber 06/2001
452 Notes on the Economics of Labor Unions Henry Farber 05/2001
451 Would Smaller Classes Help Close the Black-White Achievement Gap? Diane Whitmore, Alan Krueger 03/2001
450 The Labor Market Consequences of Incarceration Bruce Western, David Weiman, Jeffrey Kling 01/2001
449 Cost, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Inmate Labor Alan Krueger, Jeffrey Kling 01/2001
448 How Did the Elimination of Mandatory Retirement Affect Faculty Retirement? Orley Ashenfelter, David Card 10/2000
447 Economic Considerations and Class Size Alan Krueger 09/2000
446 Do the Poor Pay More? An Empirical Investigation of Price Dispersion in Food Retailing Lashawn Richburg Hayes 09/2000
445 Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings Darren Lubotsky 08/2000
444 Let's go to court! Firing costs and dismissal conflicts Maia Guell, Jose Galdon-Sanchez 08/2000
443 The effects of fixed-term contracts on the duration distribution of unemployment: the Spanish case Maia Guell 08/2000
442 A Study of the Wage Impacts of Unions and Industrial Councils in South Africa Kristin Butcher, Cecilia Rouse 07/2000
441 Moving to Opportunity in Boston: Early Results of a Randomized Mobility Experiment Jeffrey Liebman, Lawrence Katz, Jeffrey Kling 06/2000
440 School Reform in the 21st Century: A Look at the Effect of Class Size and School Vouchers on the Academic Achievement of Minority Students Cecilia Rouse 06/2000
439 Do Marital Status and Computer Usage Really Change the Wage Structure? Evidence from a Sample of Twins Harry Krashinsky 06/2000
438 Using Market Valuation to Assess the Importance and Efficiency of Public School Spending Lisa Barrow, Cecilia Rouse 04/2000
437 Round Up The Usual Suspects: The Decline of Unions in The Private Sector, 1973-1998 Bruce Western, Henry Farber 04/2000
436 Who Gets Good Jobs? The Hiring Decisions and Compensation Structures of Large Firms Luojia Hu 03/2000
435 Estimating a Censored Dynamic Panel Data Model with an Application to Earnings Dynamics Luojia Hu 03/2000
434 The Digital Divide in Educating African-American Students and Workers Alan Krueger 03/2000
433 Fixed-term Contracts and Unemployment: an Efficiency Wage Analysis Maia Guell 03/2000
432 Employment Protection and Unemployment in an Efficiency Wage Model Maia Guell 03/2000
431 Do CEOs Set Their Own Pay? The Ones Without Principals Do Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan 02/2000
430 Agents with and without Principals Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan 02/2000
429 Education for Growth: Why and For Whom? Mikael Lindahl, Alan Krueger 01/2000
428 Labor Policy and Labor Research Since the 1960s: Two Ships Sailing in Orthogonal Directions? Alan Krueger 12/1999
427 The Effect of Attending a Small Class in the Early Grades on College-Test Taking and Middle School Test Results: Evidence from Project STAR Diane Whitmore, Alan Krueger 10/1999
426 The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs Kevin Hallock, Marianne Bertrand 10/1999
425 A Review of Estimates of the Schooling/Earnings Relationship, with Tests for Publication Bias Orley Ashenfelter, Colm Harmon, Hessel Oosterbeek 10/1999
424 From Bismarck to Maastricht: The March to European Union and the Labor Compact Alan Krueger 09/1999
423 Are Prices Higher For the Poor in New York City? Lashawn Richburg Hayes 09/1999
422 Public Policy and Extended Families: Evidence from South Africa Marianne Bertrand, Sendhil Mullainathan, Douglas Miller 09/1999
421 Measuring the Effect of Arbitration on Wage Levels: The Case of Police Officers Orley Ashenfelter, Dean Hyslop 07/1999
420 Union Success in Representation Elections: Why Does Unit Size Matter? Henry Farber 06/1999
419 Estimating Returns to Schooling When Schooling is Misreported Douglas Staiger, Thomas Kane, Cecilia Rouse 06/1999
418 The Government As Litigant: Further Tests of the Case Selection Model Henry Farber, Theodore Eisenberg 07/1999
417 Have Employment Reductions Become Good News for Shareholders? The Effect of Job Loss Announcements on Stock Prices, 1970-97 Kevin Hallock, Henry Farber 06/1999
416 The High-pressure U.S. Labor Market of the 1990s Alan Krueger, Lawrence Katz 05/1999
415 Interpreting Instrumental Variables Estimates of the Returns to Schooling Alan Krueger, Henry Farber, Jeffrey Kling 01/1999