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Number Title Authors Date
493 Beyond Treatment Effects: Estimating the Relationship Between Neighborhood Poverty and Individual Outcomes in the MTO Experiment J. Kling; L. Katz; J. Liebman 08/2004
492 Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement: Results From The Moving to Opportunity Experiment J. Brooks-Gunn; G. Duncan; J.R. Kling; L. Sanbonmatsu 08/2004
491 Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Mortality of Black Male Youth: Evidence From Gautreaux J.R. Kling; M.E. Votruba 07/2004
490 Explaining Individual Job Separations in a Segregated Labor Market A. Frederiksen 08/2004
489 Prison-Based Education and Re-Entry into the Mainstream Labor Market J.H. Tyler; J.R. Kling 07/2004
488 Has SARS Infected the Property Market? Evidence from Hong Kong G. Wong 05/2004
487 Evaluating Labor Market Reforms: A General Equilibrium Approach C. Alonso-Borrego; J. Fernandez-Villaverde; J. Galdon-Sanchez 05/2004
486 Econometric Methods in Staples D. Ashmore; D. Hosken; J. Baker; O. Ashenfelter; S. Gleason 05/2004
485 Cut to the Bone? Hospital Takeovers and Nurse Employment Contracts B. MacLeod; J. Currie; M. Farsi 04/2004
484 The Economics of Real Superstars: The Market for Rock Concerts in the Material World A.B. Krueger 04/2004
483 Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects on Youth J.B. Liebman; J.R. Kling 03/2004
482 Youth Criminal Behavior in the Moving to Opportunity Experiment J. Ludwig; J.R. Kling; L. Katz 03/2004
481 Moving to Opportunity and Tranquility: Neighborhood Effects on Adult Economic Self-Sufficiency and Health From a Randomized Housing Voucher Experiment J.R. Kling; J.B. Liebman; L.F. Katz; L. Sanbonmatsu 04/2004
480 On Terrorism and Electoral Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict C. Berrebi; E. Klor 01/2004
479 Estimating the Value of a Statistical Life: The Importance of Omitted Variables and Publication Bias M. Greenstone; O. Ashenfelter 01/2004
478 Strategic Bargaining Behavior, Self-Serving Biases, and the Role of Expert Agents An Empirical Study of Final-Offer Arbitration G. Dahl; O. Ashenfelter 09/2003
477 Evidence About the Link Between Education, Poverty and Terrorism Among Palestinians C. Berrebi 09/2003
476 Decomposing Wage Gaps Between Ethnic Groups: The Case of Israel G. Levanon; Y. Raviv 07/2003
475 Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment Using Uncompleted Spells from Repeated Cross-section Data L. Hu; M. Guell 05/2003
474 Social Security and Retirees' Decision to Work M.E. Votruba 05/2003
473 Is Tomorrow Another Day? The Labor Supply of New York City Cab Drivers H.S. Farber 05/2003
472 Non-union Wage Rates and the Threat of Unionization H.S. Farber 02/2003
471 Job Loss in the United States, 1981-2001 H.S. Farber 01/2003
470 Another Look at the New York City School Voucher Experiment A.B. Krueger; P. Zhu 11/2002
469 Educational Debt Burden and Career Choice: Evidence from a Financial Aid Experiment at NYU Law School E. Field 10/2002
468 What Are Food Stamps Worth? D. Whitmore 07/2002
467 What's a Dropout to Do? Coping with the Deterioration of the Low-Skilled Labor Market H.S. Farber; L. Platt 07/2002
466 Inequality, Too Much of a Good Thing A.B. Krueger 04/2002
465 Uncertainty and the Politics of Employment Protection A. Vindigni 06/2002
464 Income Distribution and Skilled Biased Technological Change A. Vindigni 06/2002
463 Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life M. Greenstone; O. Ashenfelter 04/2002
462 Natives, the Foreign-Born and High School Equivalents: New Evidence on the Returns to the GED D. Jaeger; M.A. Clark 04/2002
461 Strikes, Scabs and Tread Separations: Labor Strife and the Production of Defective Bridgestone/Firestone Tires A.B. Krueger; A. Mas 01/2002
460 Ronald Reagan and the Politics of Declining Union Organization B. Western; H.S. Farber 12/2001
459 Financial Aid Packages and College Enrollment Decisions: An Econometric Case Study C. Rouse; D.M. Linsenmeier; H. Rosen 11/2001
458 The Effect of Changes in the U.S. Wage Structure on Recent Immigrants' Earnings D. Lubotsky 09/2001
457 Interpretation of Regressions with Multiple Proxies D. Lubotsky; M. Wittenberg 09/2001
456 Unobserved Ability, Comparative Advantage, and the Rising Return to Education in the United States: A Cohort-Based Approach O. Deschenes 08/2001
455 Instrumental Variables and the Search for Identification: From Supply and Demand to Natural Experiments A.B. Krueger; J. Angrist 08/2001
454 Another Look at Whether a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats J. Hines; H. Hoynes; A.B. Krueger 07/2001
453 Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1999 H.S. Farber 06/2001
452 Notes on the Economics of Labor Unions H.S. Farber 05/2001
451 Would Smaller Classes Help Close the Black-White Achievement Gap? A.B. Krueger; D. Whitmore 03/2001
450 The Labor Market Consequences of Incarceration B. Western; D. Weiman; J.R. Kling 01/2001
449 Cost, Benefits and Distributional Consequences of Inmate Labor A.B. Krueger; J.R. Kling 01/2001
448 How Did the Elimination of Mandatory Retirement Affect Faculty Retirement? D. Card; O. Ashenfelter 10/2000
447 Economic Considerations and Class Size A.B. Krueger 09/2000
446 Do the Poor Pay More? An Empirical Investigation of Price Dispersion in Food Retailing L. Richburg Hayes 09/2000
445 Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings D. Lubotsky 08/2000
444 Let's go to court! Firing costs and dismissal conflicts J. Galdon-Sanchez; M. Guell 08/2000