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Number Title Authors Date
530 Employment Insecurity: The Decline in Worker-Firm Attachment in the United States H.S. Farber 07/2008
529 Are Mixed Neighborhoods Always Unstable? Two-Sided and One-Sided Tipping D. Card; A. Mas; J. Rothstein 07/2008
528 The Effects of Female Sports Participation on Alcohol Behavior E.T. Wilde 05/2008
527 Do Response Times Matter? The Impact of EMS Response Times on Health Outcomes E.T. Wilde 05/2008
526 Time to Change What to Sow: Risk Preferences and Technology Adoption Decisions of Cotton Farmers in China E.M. Liu 05/2008
525 Preference, Comparative Advantage, and Compensating Wage Differentials for Job Routinization C. Quintana-Domeque 05/2008
524 The Lot of the Unemployed: A Time Use Perspective A.B. Krueger 05/2008
523 National Time Accounting: The Currency of Life A.B. Krueger 04/2008
522 Returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina C. Paxson; C. Rouse 01/2008
521 Estimating the Effects of Length of Exposure to a Training Program: The Case of Job Corps A. Flores-Lagunes 06/2007
520 Job Loss and the Decline in Job Security in the United States H.S. Farber 09/2007
519 Labor Market Adjustment to Globalization: Long-Term Employment in the United States and Japan H.S. Farber 09/2007
518 Is the Company Man an Anachronism? Trends in Long Term Employment in the U.S. , 1973-2006 H.S. Farber 09/2007
517 Sorting in the Labor Market: Do Gregarious Workers Flock to Interactive Jobs? A.B. Krueger; D. Schkade 02/2007
516 The Reliability of Subjective Well-Being Measures A.B. Krueger 01/2007
515 Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation in Neighborhoods and Schools A. Mas; D. Card; J. Rothstein 10/2006
514 Labor Supply Effects of the Recent Social Security Benefit Cuts: Empirical Estimates Using Cohort Discontinuities G. Mastrobuoni 10/2006
513 The Social Security Earnings Test Removal: Money Saved or Money Spent by the Trust Fund? G. Mastrobuoni 08/2006
512 New Evidence on Gender Differences in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires F. Blau; J. DeVaro 04/2006
511 Neighborhood Effects on Barriers to Employment: Results From a Randomized Housing Mobility Experiment in Baltimore K. Turney; S. Clampet-Lundquist; K. Edin; J. Kling; G. Duncan 03/2006
510 Is Crime Contagious? J. Ludwig; J.R. Kling 03/2006
509 Moving At-Risk Teenagers Out of High-Risk Neighborhoods: Why Girls Fare Better Than Boys S. Clampet-Lundquist; K. Edin; J.R. Kling; G. Duncan 03/2006
508 The US Gender Pay Gap in the 1990s: Slowing Convergence F. Blau; L.M. Kahn 03/2006
507 The Impact of Employment Protection Mandates on Demographic Temporary Employment Patterns: International Microeconomic Evidence L.M. Kahn 01/2006
506 Albert Rees and the 'Chicago School of Economics' O. Ashenfelter; J. Pencavel 01/2006
505 Measuring the Value of a Statistical Life: Problems and Prospects O. Ashenfelter 12/2005
504 The Mid-1990s EITC Expansion: Aggregate Labor Supply Effects and Economic Incidence J. Rothstein 10/2005
503 Union Membership in the United States: The Divergence between the Public and Private Sectors H.S. Farber 09/2005
502 Layoffs as Part of an Optimal Incentive Mix: Theory and Evidence A. Frederiksen; E. Takats 08/2005
501 Evaluating the Role of Brown vs. Board of Education in School Equalization, Desegregation, and the Income of African Americans A. Yoon; O. Ashenfelter; W. Collins 05/2005
500 Racial Segregation and the Black-White Test Score Gap D. Card; J. Rothstein 05/2005
499 Rockonomics: The Economics of Popular Music, A.B. Krueger; M. Connolly 04/2005
498 What do we know about Job Loss in the United States? Evidence from the Displaced Workers Survey, 1984-2004 H.S. Farber 01/2005
497 Reference-Dependent Preferences and Labor Supply: The Case of New York City Taxi Drivers H.S. Farber 12/2004
496 What Does the Public Know about Economic Policy, and How Does It Know It? A. Blinder; A.B. Krueger 09/2004
495 On the Efficiency of Standard Contracts the Case of Construction B. MacLeod; S. Chakravarty 09/2004
494 Incarceration Length, Employment, and Earnings J.R. Kling 08/2004
493 Beyond Treatment Effects: Estimating the Relationship Between Neighborhood Poverty and Individual Outcomes in the MTO Experiment J. Kling; L. Katz; J. Liebman 08/2004
492 Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement: Results From The Moving to Opportunity Experiment J. Brooks-Gunn; G. Duncan; J.R. Kling; L. Sanbonmatsu 08/2004
491 Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Mortality of Black Male Youth: Evidence From Gautreaux J.R. Kling; M.E. Votruba 07/2004
490 Explaining Individual Job Separations in a Segregated Labor Market A. Frederiksen 08/2004
489 Prison-Based Education and Re-Entry into the Mainstream Labor Market J.H. Tyler; J.R. Kling 07/2004
488 Has SARS Infected the Property Market? Evidence from Hong Kong G. Wong 05/2004
487 Evaluating Labor Market Reforms: A General Equilibrium Approach C. Alonso-Borrego; J. Fernandez-Villaverde; J. Galdon-Sanchez 05/2004
486 Econometric Methods in Staples D. Ashmore; D. Hosken; J. Baker; O. Ashenfelter; S. Gleason 05/2004
485 Cut to the Bone? Hospital Takeovers and Nurse Employment Contracts B. MacLeod; J. Currie; M. Farsi 04/2004
484 The Economics of Real Superstars: The Market for Rock Concerts in the Material World A.B. Krueger 04/2004
483 Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects on Youth J.B. Liebman; J.R. Kling 03/2004
482 Youth Criminal Behavior in the Moving to Opportunity Experiment J. Ludwig; J.R. Kling; L. Katz 03/2004
481 Moving to Opportunity and Tranquility: Neighborhood Effects on Adult Economic Self-Sufficiency and Health From a Randomized Housing Voucher Experiment J.R. Kling; J.B. Liebman; L.F. Katz; L. Sanbonmatsu 04/2004