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Number Title Author Date
563 Estimating the Return to College Selectivity over the Career Using Administrative Earning Data Stacy Berg Dale, Alan Krueger 02/2011
562 Job Search and Job Finding in a Period of Mass Unemployment: Evidence from High-Frequency Longitudinal Data Alan Krueger, Andreas Mueller 01/2011
561a Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity Jacob Goldin, Tatiana Homonoff 08/2011
561 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity Jacob Goldin, Tatiana Homonoff 12/2010
560 The End of the European Welfare States? Migration, Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Nikolaj Harmon 12/2010
559 Inequality at Work: The Effect of Peer Salaries on Job Satisfaction David Card, Alexandre Mas, Enrico Moretti, Emmanuel Saez 09/2010
558 Is Collective Bargaining Pareto Efficient? A Survey of the Literature Nicholas Lawson 10/2010
557 The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma Paco Martorell, Damon Clark 08/2010
556 Street Pavement: Results from an Infrastructure Experiment in Mexico Climent Quintana-Domeque, Marco Gonzalez-Navarro 07/2010
555 Program Evaluation and Research Designs John DiNardo, David Lee 04/2010
554 Modern Models of Monopsony in Labor Markets: A Brief Survey Orley Ashenfelter, Michael Ransom, Henry Farber 04/2010
553 Quasi-Experimental Identification and Estimation in the Regression Kink Design Zhuan Pei, David Card, David Lee 11/2009
552 Rational Choice and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Union Representation Elections Henry Farber 10/2009
551 A Shred of Credible Evidence on the Long Run Elasticity of Labor Supply Orley Ashenfelter, Bruce Schaller, Kirk Doran 09/2009
550 The Deterrence Effect of Prison: Dynamic Theory and Evidence David Lee, Justin McCrary 08/2009
549 Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market Morris Kleiner, Alan Krueger 05/2009
548 Regression Discontinuity Designs in Economics David Lee, Thomas Lemieux 02/2009
547 Long-Run Impacts of Unions on Firms: New Evidence from Financial Markets, 1961-1999 Alexandre Mas, David Lee 01/2009
546 Increasing Voter Turnout: Is Democracy Day the Answer? Henry Farber 02/2009
545 Is There Monopsony in the Labor Market? Evidence From A Natural Experiment Douglas Staiger, Joanne Spetz, Ciaran Phibbs 12/2008
544 Recruitment Restrictions and Labor Markets: Evidence from the Post-Bellum U. S. South Suresh Naidu 12/2008
543 Estimating the Employer Switching Costs and Wage Responses of Forward-Looking Engineers Jeremy Fox 12/2008
542 Low-Wage Labor Markets and the Power of Suggestion Natalya Shelkova 12/2008
541 Gender Differences in Labor Supply to Monopsonistic Firms: An Empirical Analysis Using Linked Employer-Employee Data from Germany Boris Hirsch, Thorsten Schank, Claus Schnabel 12/2008
540 New Market Power Models and Sex Differences in Pay Michael Ransom 12/2008
539 The Plant Size-Place Effect: Agglomeration and Monopsony in Labour Markets Alan Manning 12/2008
538 Estimating the Firm's Labor Supply Curve in a "New Monopsony" Framework: School Teachers in Missouri Michael Ransom, David Sims 12/2008
537 Monopsony and Labor Supply in the Army and Navy Paul Heaton, Beth Asch 10/2008
536 Estimating the elasticity of labor supply utilizing a quasi-natural experiment Torberg Falch 12/2008
535 Optimal Minimum Wage Policy in Competitive Labor Markets David Lee, Emmanuel Saez 10/2008
534 Wage Formation between Newly Hired Workers and Employers: Survey Evidence Robert Hall, Alan Krueger 10/2008
533 What Makes a Homegrown Terrorist? Human Capital and Participation in Domestic Islamic Terrorist Groups in the U.S.A. Alan Krueger 09/2008
532 Job Search and Unemployment Insurance: New Evidence from Time Use Data Alan Krueger, Andreas Mueller 08/2008
531 The Prevalence and Effects of Occupational Licensing Morris Kleiner, Alan Krueger 08/2008
530 Employment Insecurity: The Decline in Worker-Firm Attachment in the United States Henry Farber 07/2008
529 Are Mixed Neighborhoods Always Unstable? Two-Sided and One-Sided Tipping David Card, Alexandre Mas, Jesse Rothstein 07/2008
528 The Effects of Female Sports Participation on Alcohol Behavior Elizabeth Ty Wilde 05/2008
527 Do Response Times Matter? The Impact of EMS Response Times on Health Outcomes Elizabeth Ty Wilde 05/2008
526 Time to Change What to Sow: Risk Preferences and Technology Adoption Decisions of Cotton Farmers in China Elaine Liu 05/2008
525 Preference, Comparative Advantage, and Compensating Wage Differentials for Job Routinization Climent Quintana-Domeque 05/2008
524 The Lot of the Unemployed: A Time Use Perspective Alan Krueger 05/2008
523 National Time Accounting: The Currency of Life Alan Krueger 04/2008
522 Returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina Christina Paxson, Cecilia Rouse 01/2008
521 Estimating the Effects of Length of Exposure to a Training Program: The Case of Job Corps Alfonso Flores-Lagunes 06/2007
520 Job Loss and the Decline in Job Security in the United States Henry Farber 09/2007
519 Labor Market Adjustment to Globalization: Long-Term Employment in the United States and Japan Henry Farber 09/2007
518 Is the Company Man an Anachronism? Trends in Long Term Employment in the U.S. , 1973-2006 Henry Farber 09/2007
517 Sorting in the Labor Market: Do Gregarious Workers Flock to Interactive Jobs? Alan Krueger, David Schkade 02/2007
516 The Reliability of Subjective Well-Being Measures Alan Krueger 01/2007
515 Tipping and the Dynamics of Segregation in Neighborhoods and Schools David Card, Alexandre Mas, Jesse Rothstein 10/2006