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Number Title Authors Date
42F Demand for Labor in Nonprofit Market: University Faculty R. Freeman 05/1973
42E Wage Determination in Public Schools and the Effects of Unionization D.E. Frey 05/1973
42D The Demand for Labor in the Public Sector O. Ashenfelter; R. Ehrenberg 05/1973
42C The Incidence of Strikes in Public Employment J.F. Burton; C. Krider 05/1973
42B The Effect of Government Ownership on Union-Wages D. Hamermesh 05/1973
42A The Theory of Employment and Wages in Non-Profit Industry M. Reder 05/1973
41 Compensating Wage Differentials A. Rees 01/1973
40 The Economics of Federal Aid to Private Elementary and Secondary Schools D.E. Frey 12/1972
39 Inflation and the Savings Ration Across Countries A.P. Thirwall 06/1972
38 Estimating Distributional Impacts of Macroeconomic Activity C. Beach 04/1972
37 The Optimal Timing of Subsidies: Triggers for Training Programs D. Hamermesh 10/1972
36 Who Joins Unions? A. Blinder 02/1972
35 Male-Female Pay Differentials in Professional Employment B.G. Malkiel; J.A. Malkiel 02/1972
34 Estimating Labor Supply Functions O. Ashenfelter; J. Heckman 02/1972
31 A Cross-Section Study of Population Growth and the Growth of Output and Per Capita Income in a Production Function Framework A.P. Thirwall 03/1972
9 Unionism, Relative Wages, and Labor Quality in U.S. Manufacturing Industries O. Ashenfelter; G.E. Johnson 11/1971
33 Some Evidence on the Effect of Unionism on the Average Wage of Black Workers Relative to White Workers, 1900-1967 L. Godwin; O. Ashenfelter 12/1971
32 Interdependence in the Labour Market D. Hamermesh 11/1971
30C Discrimination and Trade Unions O. Ashenfelter 10/1971
30B Black-White Differences in Returns to Schooling F. Welch 10/1971
30A The Theory of Discrimination K. Arrow 10/1971
29 The Estimation of Income and Substitution Effects in a Model of Family Labor Supply J. Heckman; O. Ashenfelter 08/1971
28 Requirements for a Return to Full Employment, 1971-73 A.T. Finegan 07/1971
27 Alternative Measures of the Distribution of Economic Welfare M. Taussig 06/1971
26 An Estimate of the Tax Rate in a Public Assistance System J. Rowlatt 05/1971
25 Who `Wins' in Wage Bargaining D. Hamermesh 03/1971
24 The Labor Market Under Central Planning: The Case of Hungary D. Hamermesh; R. Portes 05/1971
23 Male-Female Wage Differentials in Urban Labor Markets R. Oaxaca 04/1971
22 Market Power and Wage Inflation D. Hamermesh 05/1971
19 Manpower Subsidies and the Firm D. Hamermesh 11/1971
17 Racial Discrimination and Trade Unionism O. Ashenfelter 03/1971
21 The Effect of Unionization on Wages in the Public Sector: The Case of Firemen O. Ashenfelter 01/1970
20 Cross-Section Analysis of First-Term Reenlistment in the Air Force R. Wilburn 03/1970
16 White Collar Unions, Blue Collar Unions and Wages in Manufacturing D. Hamermesh 03/1970
8 The Princeton Macro Model of the Labor Market: Rational and Efficiency of the Estimation Procedure H. Kelejian 06/1969
18 An Economic Theory of the Incidence and Growth of Trade Unionism D. Hamermesh 11/1969
15 A Note on John Kain's Housing Segregation, Negro Employment and Metropolitan Decentralization P. Offner; D. Saks 09/1969
14 Change in Labor Market Discrimination Over Time O. Ashenfelter 04/1969
13 Two Stages Least Squares and Nonlinear Systems H. Kelejian 02/1969
7 Missing observations in Multivariate Regression: Efficiency of a First Order Method H. Kelejian 06/1968
12 Trade Unions and the Rate of Change of Money Wages in the U.S. O. Ashenfelter; G.E. Johnson; J. Pencavel 11/1968
11 An Analysis of the Quit Rate in American Manufacturing Industry J. Pencavel 12/1968
10 A Macro Model of the U.S. Labor Market (revised) S.W. Black; H. Kelejian 09/1968
6 Labor Quality in a General Equilibrium System: Some Initial Notes G.E. Johnson 10/1967
5 The Formulation of the Dependent Variable in the Wage Equation H. Kelejian 09/1967
4 Three Theories of Labor Market Equilibrium G.E. Johnson 09/1967
3 Non-Linearities in the Labor Market Adjustment Process G.E. Johnson 09/1967
2 Conditional and Unconditional Regression Models with Application to the Wage Equation H. Kelejian 05/1967
1 A Study of the U.S. Labor Market: A Report on Work in Progress H. Kelejian; S.W. Black 04/1967