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Number Title Authors Date
73 Measuring Residential Decentralization of Blacks and Whites C. Reid 08/1975
72 Testing a Naive Theory of Bargaining H.S. Farber 07/1975
71 Political Support for Minimum Wage Regulations F. Bloch 06/1975
70 Labor Supply Functions for Married Women in Great Britain, C. Greenhalgh 06/1975
69 Note on Partial Equilibrium Analysis G.H. Lewis 05/1975
68 Wages in the Postal Service S.P. Smith 04/1975
67 Quadratic Utility, Labor Supply and Commodity Demand N.M. Kiefer 04/1975
66 Industrial Morale J. Pencavel 04/1975
65 Government Wage Differentials S.P. Smith 03/1975
64 The Allocation of Time to Household Work F. Bloch 02/1975
63 Work Effort On-the-Job Screening, and Alternative Methods of Remuneration, J. Pencavel 02/1975
62 Urban Unemployment in England D. Metcalf 08/1975
61 Inflation: The Labour Market D. Metcalf 01/1975
60 The Effect of Manpower Training Earnings: Preliminary Results O. Ashenfelter 12/1974
59 Estimating Labor Supply Equations with Alternative Wage Variables F. Bloch 12/1974
58 Government Wage Differentials by Region and Sex S.P. Smith 12/1974
57 Labor Supply, Commodity Demand, and the Allocation of Time M. Abbott; O. Ashenfelter 11/1974
56 The Economics of Labor: An Assessment of Recent Research: The Economics of Time and Labor Supply G.H. Lewis 11/1974
55 Human Capital and Labor Supply: A Synthesis A. Blinder; Y. Weiss 11/1974
54 On Dogmatism in Human Capital Theory A. Blinder 10/1974
53 Pay Differentials Between Federal Government Workers and Private Sector Workers S.P. Smith 01/1974
52 Measuring the Effect of an Antidiscrimination Program O. Ashenfelter; J. Heckman 08/1974
51 Some Evidence on the Effect of Manpower Training Programs on the Black/White Differential C. Reid 08/1974
50 Measuring the Benefits of Job Banks A.D. Smith 07/1974
49 Tripartite Wage Stabilization in the Food Industry A. Rees 07/1974
48 On the Economics of Industrial Safety W.Y. Oi 06/1974
47 Scientific Manpower Forecasts from the Viewpoint of a Dismal Scientist W.Y. Oi 05/1974
46 A Note on Estimating the Determinants of Changes in Wages and Earnings. O. Ashenfelter; J. Pencavel 01/1974
44 The Wealth Effect in Occupational Choice Y. Weiss 12/1973
43 Estimating the Effects of Cost and Price of the Elimination of Sex Discrimination: The Case of Telephone Rates O. Ashenfelter; J. Pencavel 12/1973
42F Demand for Labor in Nonprofit Market: University Faculty R. Freeman 05/1973
42E Wage Determination in Public Schools and the Effects of Unionization D.E. Frey 05/1973
42D The Demand for Labor in the Public Sector O. Ashenfelter; R. Ehrenberg 05/1973
42C The Incidence of Strikes in Public Employment J.F. Burton; C. Krider 05/1973
42B The Effect of Government Ownership on Union-Wages D. Hamermesh 05/1973
42A The Theory of Employment and Wages in Non-Profit Industry M. Reder 05/1973
41 Compensating Wage Differentials A. Rees 01/1973
40 The Economics of Federal Aid to Private Elementary and Secondary Schools D.E. Frey 12/1972
39 Inflation and the Savings Ration Across Countries A.P. Thirwall 06/1972
38 Estimating Distributional Impacts of Macroeconomic Activity C. Beach 04/1972
37 The Optimal Timing of Subsidies: Triggers for Training Programs D. Hamermesh 10/1972
36 Who Joins Unions? A. Blinder 02/1972
35 Male-Female Pay Differentials in Professional Employment B.G. Malkiel; J.A. Malkiel 02/1972
34 Estimating Labor Supply Functions O. Ashenfelter; J. Heckman 02/1972
31 A Cross-Section Study of Population Growth and the Growth of Output and Per Capita Income in a Production Function Framework A.P. Thirwall 03/1972
9 Unionism, Relative Wages, and Labor Quality in U.S. Manufacturing Industries O. Ashenfelter; G.E. Johnson 11/1971
33 Some Evidence on the Effect of Unionism on the Average Wage of Black Workers Relative to White Workers, 1900-1967 L. Godwin; O. Ashenfelter 12/1971
32 Interdependence in the Labour Market D. Hamermesh 11/1971
30C Discrimination and Trade Unions O. Ashenfelter 10/1971
30B Black-White Differences in Returns to Schooling F. Welch 10/1971