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Number Title Authors Date
123 A Picture of Male Unemployment in Britain S. Nickell 06/1979
122 Relative Wage Effects of Unions, Dictatorship and Codetermination: Econometric Evidence from Germany J. Svejnar 05/1979
121 Education, Unemployment, and Earnings O. Ashenfelter; J.C. Ham 04/1979
120 Unemployment and Compensating Wage Differentials J. Abowd; O. Ashenfelter 03/1979
119 Toward a Better Measure of Work Experience C.W. Reimers; N. Garvey 03/1979
118 Unemployment and the Structure of Labour Costs S. Nickell 01/1979
117 Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty J. Eaton; H. Rosen 01/1979
108A Estimating the Union-Non-union Wage Differential: A Statistical Issue C. Mulvey; J. Abowd 06/1979
115 Household and Market Production of Families in a Late Nineteenth Century American City C. Goldin 09/1978
114 Does the Labor Market Clear? A Test of the Equilibrium Hypothesis J. Altonji 09/1978
113 On the Theory of a Participatory Firm J. Svejnar 07/1978
112 Why Workers Want Unions: The Role of Relative Wages and Job Characteristics H.S. Farber; D. Saks 05/1978
111 Unions, Spillovers and Relative Wages C. Mulvey 03/1978
110 Evaluating the Effects of the Employment Tax Credit of 1977 O. Ashenfelter 02/1978
109 What is Involuntary Unemployment? O. Ashenfelter 01/1978
107 Unemployment as a Constraint on Labour Market Behaviour O. Ashenfelter 01/1978
106 The Effect of Employee Participation in Management on Bargaining Power and Wages: A Generalized Nash Solution and Econometric Evidence from Germany J. Svejnar 06/1978
99 Individual Preferences and Union Wage Determination: The Case of the United Mine Workers H.S. Farber 08/1977
98 Compliance with the Minimum Wage Law O. Ashenfelter; R. Smith 06/1977
97 Association Economists, Academic Hiring and Publications on Minority Economic Problems R. Vowels 06/1977
96 Estimation of Disequilibrium Aggregate Labor Market H. Rosen; R. Quandt 06/1977
95 The Labor Supply Response of Wage Earners in the Rural Negative Income Tax Experiment O. Ashenfelter 02/1977
91A Income Distribution and the Aggregation of Private Demands for Local Public Education B. Brown; D. Saks 03/1977
105 Modal Choice in the Demand for Child Care by Working Women K.E. Yaeger 12/1977
104 Unemployment as Disequilibrium in a Model of Aggregate Labor Supply O. Ashenfelter 11/1977
103A Rationing and the Supply of Labor: An Econometric Approach J.C. Ham 11/1977
102 An Econometric Model of the U.S. Market for Higher Education J. Abowd 10/1977
101 Job Attitudes as Intervening Variables Between Situational Factors and Economic Behavior S. Maital; S. Maital; A. Schwarts 10/1977
100 The Validity and Feasibility of a Psychological Testing Program for Female Bank Managers R.K. Filer 10/1977
94 Information and Adaptive Job-Search Behavior: An Empirical Analysis A. Melnik; D. Saks 12/1976
93 Estimating the Effect of Training Programs on Earnings with Longitudinal Data O. Ashenfelter 11/1976
92 Financial Rewards Over Time to Administrative Duties and Experience: A Case Study of Academic Department Chairpersons D. Saks 10/1976
90 Bargaining Theory, Wage Outcomes, and the Occurrence of Strikes: An Econometric Analysis H.S. Farber 08/1976
89 Union Relative Wage Effects: New Evidence and a Survey of Their Implications for Wage Inflation O. Ashenfelter 08/1976
88 Wage Determination in the Union and Non-Union Sectors F. Bloch; M. Kuskin 01/1976
87 Employee Participation in Management and Relative Wages in Germany J. Svejnar 05/1976
86 'Ability and Training' Over the Life Cycle: Equilibrium Dynamics in Alternative Models of Human Capital M.R. Killingsworth 05/1976
85 The Influence of a Father's Education and Occupation on His Offspring's IQ Score R. Gordon 04/1976
84 A Neoclassical Growth Model with Both Skilled and Unskilled Labor E.J. Driffill 03/1976
83 Wage Data and Estimation of the Labor Supply Function M.R. Killingsworth 01/1976
76A Labor Turnover in U.S. Manufacturing Industries F. Bloch 04/1976
45 On Measuring the Impact of Wage-Price Controls: A Critical Appraisal W.Y. Oi 02/1976
82 Human Capital and Labor Market Employment F. Bloch; S.P. Smith 12/1975
81 Human Capital and the Life-Cycle M.R. Killingsworth 11/1975
80 A Bayesian Analysis of Commodity Demand and Labor Supply N.M. Kiefer 10/1975
79 Union Impact and Wage Discrimination N.M. Kiefer; S.P. Smith 01/1975
78 Must a Negative Income Tax Reduce Labor Supply?: A Study of the Family's Allocation of Time M.R. Killingsworth 10/1975
77 A Permanent Income Hypothesis for the Yugoslav Firm L. Tyson 09/1975
75 The Determination of Wages and Prices in Yugoslavia L. Tyson 07/1975
74 Bayesian Estimation of the Earnings Function N.M. Kiefer 07/1975