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Number Title Authors Date
642 Further Education During Unemployment P. Leung; Z. Pei 05/2020
641 O Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers on College and Major Choice in Four Countries C. Neilson; A. Altmejd; A. Barrios-Fernandez; M. Drlje; J. Goodman; M. Hurwitz; D. Kovac; C. Mulhern; J. Smith 05/2020
640 Best and Brightest? The Impact of Student Visa Restrictiveness on Who Attends College in the US M. Chen; J. Howell; J. Smith 04/2020
639 Variation in Racial Disparities in Police Use of Force C. Lieberman 04/2020
638 Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity Designs C. Korting; C. Lieberman; J. Matsudaira; Z. Pei; Y. Shen 02/2020
637 The Long-Term Effects of Labor Market Entry in a Recession: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis E.J. Choi; J. Choi; H. Son 02/2020
633a Siblings’ Spillover Effects on College and Major Choice: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and Sweden A. Altmejd; A. Barrios-Fernandez; M. Drlje; C. Neilson 01/2020
636 Screening and Recruiting Talent At Teacher Colleges Using Pre-College Academic Achievement C. Neilson; S. Gallegos; F. Calle 12/2019
635 Negative Externalities of Off Platform Options and the Efficiency of Centralized Assignment Mechanisms A. Kapor; M. Karnani; C. Neilson 12/2019
634 Alternative Work Arrangements A. Mas; A. Pallais 12/2019
633 Siblings’ Effects on College and Major Choices: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and Sweden C. Neilson; A. Altmejd; A. Barrios-Fernandez; M. Drlje; D. Kovac 11/2019
632 Does Disclosure affect CEO Pay Setting? Evidence from the Passage of the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act A. Mas 11/2019
631 Sources of Displaced Workers’ Long-Term Earnings Losses M. Lachowska; A. Mas; S.A. Woodbury 10/2019
630 Pay Transparency and The Gender Gap M. Baker; Y. Halberstam; K. Kroft; A. Mas; D. Messacar 11/2019
629 Do firm effects drift? Evidence from Washington Administrative Data M. Lachowska; A. Mas; R. Saggio; S.A. Woodbury 10/2019
628 Approximating the Equilibrium Effects of Informed School Choice C. Neilson; C. Allende; F. Gallego 07/2019
627 The Value of U.S. College Education in Global Labor Markets: Experimental Evidence from China M. Chen 04/2019
625 The Impact of Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises on Workers D. Arnold 02/2019
626 Does Public Pre-K Have Unintended Consequences on the Child Care Market for Infants and Toddlers? J. Brown 12/2018
624 The Effect of Immigration Enforcement on Crime Reporting: Evidence from the Priority Enforcement Program E. Jacome 10/2018
623 Measuring Bias in Consumer Lending W. Dobbie; A. Liberman; D. Paravisini; V. Pathania 08/2018
622 Local Polynomial Order in Regression Discontinuity Designs Z. Pei; D.S. Lee; D. Card; A. Weber 08/2018
621 The Long-Term Effects of Cash Assistance D.J. Price; J. Song 06/2018
620 Unions and Inequality Over the Twentieth Century: New Evidence from Survey Data H.S. Farber; D. Herbst; I. Kuziemko; S. Naidu 05/2018
619 Whom Do Employers Want? The Role of Recent Employment and Unemployment Status and Age H.S. Farber; C.M. Herbst; D. Silverman; T. Von Wachter 05/2018
618 Firming Up Inequality J. Song; D.J. Price; F. Guvenen; N. Bloom; T. Von Wachter 04/2018
617 The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration W. Dobbie; H. Gronqvist; S. Niknami; M. Palme; M. Priks 01/2018
616 The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism A.Y. Agan; M.D. Makowsky 01/2018
615 Independent Workers: What Role for Public Policy A.B. Krueger 09/2017
614a Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector A. Krueger; O. Ashenfelter 09/2017
614 Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise Sector A.B. Krueger; O. Ashenfelter 09/2017
613 Is Your Lawyer a Lemon? Incentives and Selection in the Public Provision of Criminal Defense A. Agan; M. Freedman; E. Owens 09/2017
612 Heterogeneous Beliefs and School Choice Mechanisms A. Kapor; C.A. Neilson; S.D. Zimmerman 04/2017
611 Racial Bias in Bail Decisions D. Arnold; W. Dobbie; C.S. Yang 05/2017
610 Essays in Honor of Robert J. Lalonde O. Ashenfelter; D. Card 05/2017
609 Do Fathers Matter?: Paternal Mortality and Children’s Long-Run Outcomes D. Kovac 03/2017
608 A Few Bad Apples? Racial Bias in Policing F. Goncalves; S. Mello 03/2017
607 Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water and Mental Health S. Chowdhury; A. Krause; K.F. Zimmermann 09/2016
606 The Devil is in the Tails: Regression Discontinuity Design with Measurement Error in the Assignment Variable Z. Pei; Y. Shen 10/2016
605 Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports W. Dobbie; P. Goldsmith-Pinkham; N. Mahoney; J. Song 09/2016
604 Demographic Dynamics and Long-Run Development: Insights for the Secular Stagnation Debate M. Cervellati; U. Sunde; K.F. Zimmermann 09/2016
603 The Rise and Nature of Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States, 1995-2015 L.F. Katz; A.B. Krueger 09/2016
602 Valuing Alternative Work Arrangements A. Mas; A. Pallais 09/2016
601 The Effects of Pre-Trial Detention on Conviction, Future Crime, and Employment: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Judges W. Dobbie; J. Goldin; C. Yang 08/2016
600 Charter Schools and Labor Market Outcomes W. Dobbie; R.G. Fryer 07/2016
599 Debt Relief or Debt Restructuring? Evidence from an Experiment with Distressed Credit Card Borrowers W. Dobbie; J. Song 08/2016
598 "Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment" A. Agan; S. Starr 07/2016
597 Diversity in the Economics Profession: A New Attack on an Old Problem A. Bayer; C.Elena Rouse 07/2016
596 Like Father, Like Daughter (Unless There Is a Son): Sibling Sex Composition and Women's Stem Major Choice in College U. Oguzoglu; S. Ozbeklik 06/2016
594 Employment Effects of the ACA Medicaid Expansions P. Leung; A. Mas 01/2016