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Huberman, Michael Odd couple : international trade and labor standards in history Yale University Press 2012 View Catalog record
Maxwell, Nan L. The health and wealth of a nation : employer-based health insurance and the affordable care act W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2012 View Catalog record
Moretti, Enrico The new geography of jobs Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2012 View Catalog record
Rhomberg, Chris The broken table : the Detroit Newspaper Strike and the state of American labor Russell Sage Foundation 2012 View Catalog record
Wise, David A. Social security programs and retirement around the world : historical trends in mortality and health, employment, and disability insurance participation and reforms University of Chicago Press 2012 View Catalog record
Blank, Rebecca M. Changing inequality University of California Press 2011 View Catalog record
Clark, Robert L., Craig, Lee A., Sabelhaus, John State and local retirement plans in the United States Edward Elgar 2011 View Catalog record
Kuruvilla, Sarosh, Lee, Ching Kwan, Gallagher, Mary E. From iron rice bowl to informalization : markets, workers, and the state in a changing China ILR Press 2011 View Catalog record
Hahamovitch, Cindy No man's land : Jamaican guestworkers in America and the global history of deportable labor Princeton University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Holzer, Harry J., Lane, Julia I., Rosenblum, David B., Andersson, Fredrik Where are all the good jobs going? : what national and local job quality and dynamics mean for U.S. workers Russell Sage Foundation 2011 View Catalog record
McCartin, Joseph A. Collision course : Ronald Reagan, the air traffic controllers, and the strike that changed America Oxford University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Bäck-Wiklund, Margareta, Van der Lippe, Tanja, Den Dulk, Laura, Doornie-Huskies, Anneke Quality of life and work in Europe : theory, practice and policy Palgrave Macmillan 2011 View Catalog record
Clasen, Jochen, Clegg, Daniel Regulating the risk of unemployment : national adaptations to post-industrial labour markets in Europe Oxford University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Treble, John, Barmby, Tim Worker absenteeism and sick pay Cambridge University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Bahramitash, Roksana, Esfahani, Hadi Salehi Veiled employment : Islamism and the political economy of women's employment in Iran Syracuse University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Finegold, David, Gatta, Mary, Salzman, Hal, Schurman, Susan J. Transforming the U.S. workforce development system : lessons from research and practice University of Illinois-Labor and Employment Relations Association 2010 View Catalog record
Wandner, Stephen A. Solving the reemployment puzzle : from research to policy W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2010 View Catalog record
Christensen, Kathleen, Schneider, Barbara Workplace flexibility : realigning 20th-century jobs for a 21st-century workforce ILR Press 2010 View Catalog record
Collins, Jane L., Mayer, Victoria Both hands tied : welfare reform and the race to the bottom in the low-wage labor market University of Chicago Press 2010 View Catalog record
Kahanec, Martin, Zimmermann, Klaus F. EU labor markets after post-enlargement migration Springer Verlag 2010 View Catalog record