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Budd, John W. Employment with a human face : balancing efficiency, equity, and voice ILR Press 2004 View Catalog record
Heckman, James J., Krueger, Alan B., Friedman, Benjamin M., Harvard University-Alvin Hansen Symposium on Public Policy Inequality in America : what role for human capital policies? MIT Press 2003 View Catalog record
Blasi, Joseph R., Kruse, Douglas L., Bernstein, Aaron In the company of owners : the truth about stock options (and why every employee should have them) Basic Books 2003 View Catalog record
Mortimer, Jeylan T. Working and growing up in America Harvard University Press 2003 View Catalog record
Kaufman, Bruce E., Beaumont, Richard A., Helfgott, Roy B. Industrial relations to human resources and beyond : the evolving process of employee relations management M.E. Sharpe 2003 View Catalog record
Mitchell, Olivia S., Blitzstein, David S., Gordon, Michael, Mazo, Judith F. Benefits for the workplace of the future University of Pennsylvania Press 2003 View Catalog record
Haveman, Robert H., Bershadker, Andrew, Schwabish, Jonathan A. Human capital in the United States from 1975 to 2000 : patterns of growth and utilization W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2003 View Catalog record
Fink, Leon The Maya of Morganton : work and community in the nuevo new south University of North Carolina Press 2003 View Catalog record
Manning, Alan Monopsony in motion : imperfect competition in labor markets Princeton University Press 2003 View Catalog record
Baumol, William J., Blinder, Alan S., Wolff, Edward N. Downsizing in America : reality, causes, and consequences Russell Sage Foundation 2003 View Catalog record
Royster, Deirdre A. Race and the invisible hand : how white networks exclude black men from blue-collar jobs University of California Press 2003 View Catalog record
Mortensen, Dale T. Wage dispersion : why are similar workers paid differently? MIT Press 2003 View Catalog record
Appelbaum, Eileen, Bernhardt, Annette, Murnane, Richard J. Low-wage America : how employers are reshaping opportunity in the workplace Russell Sage Foundation 2003 View Catalog record
Presser, Harriet B. Working in a 24/7 economy : challenges for American families Russell Sage Foundation 2003 View Catalog record
Elliott, Kimberly A., Freeman, Richard B. Can labor standards improve under globalization? Institute for International Economics 2003 View Catalog record
Finlay, William, Coverdill, James E. Headhunters : matchmaking in the labor market Cornell University Press 2002 View Catalog record
Blau, Francine D., Kahn, Lawrence M. At home and abroad : U.S. labor-market performance in international perspective Russell Sage Foundation 2002 View Catalog record
Wolff, Edward N. Retirement insecurity : the income shortfalls awaiting the soon-to-retire Economic Policy Institute 2002 View Catalog record
Feldstein, Martin, Liebman, Jeffrey B. The distributional aspects of social security and social security reform University of Chicago Press 2002 View Catalog record
Hindman, Hugh D. Child labor : an American history M.E. Sharpe 2002 View Catalog record