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Reynolds, Lloyd G. Labor economics and labor relations Prentice-Hall 1949 View Catalog record
Taylor, George W. Industry-wide collective bargaining series University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Finance and Commerce-Labor Relations Council 1949
Reynolds, Lloyd G., Shister, Joseph Job horizons : a study of job satisfaction and labor mobility Arno Press 1949 View Catalog record
Shister, Joseph Economics of the labor market J. B. Lippincott Co. 1949 View Catalog record
Warne, Colston E., Douglas, Dorothy W., MacDonald, Lois, Hawkins, Everett C., Stein, Emanuel Labor in postwar America : yearbook of American labor Remsen Press 1949 View Catalog record
Baker, Helen, Ballantine, John W., True, John M., Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section Transmitting information through management and union channels : two case studies Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1949 View Catalog record
Given, William B. Bottom-up management : people working together Harper and Brothers 1949
Derber, Milton, Industrial Relations Research Association Proceeding of the first annual meeting. Cleveland, December 29-30, 1948 Industrial Relations Research Association 1949 View Catalog record
Noland, Edward W., Bakke, E. Wight Workers wanted; a study of employers' hiring policies, preferences, and practices in New Haven and Charlotte Harper and Brothers 1949 View Catalog record
Calhoon, Richard P. Problems in personnel administration Harper and Brothers 1949
Pigors, Paul John William Effective communication in industry; what is its basis? National Association of Manufacturers 1949 View Catalog record
Patton, John A., Smith, Reynold S. Job evaluation Richard D. Irwin 1949 View Catalog record
Dulles, Foster Rhea Labor in America : a history Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1949 View Catalog record
Lindblom, Charles E. Unions and capitalism Yale University Press 1949 View Catalog record
Thompson, Kenneth M. Profit sharing, democratic capitalism in American industry Harper and Brothers 1949 View Catalog record
Thorndike, Robert L. Personnel selection; test and measurement techniques John Wiley and Sons 1949 View Catalog record
Howe, Irving, Widick, Branko J. The UAW and Walter Reuther Random House 1949 View Catalog record
Rothenberg, Robert E., Pickard, Karl Group medicine & health insurance in action Crown Publishers 1949 View Catalog record
Bellows, Roger M. Psychology of personnel in business and industry Prentice-Hall 1949 View Catalog record