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Argyris, Chris Personality and organization; the conflict between system and the individual Harper and Brothers 1957 View Catalog record
Thorne, Florence C. Samuel Gompers, American statesman Philosophical Library 1957 View Catalog record
Leiter, Robert D. The Teamsters Union : a study of its economic impact Bookman Associates 1957 View Catalog record
Taft, Philip The A.F. of L. in the time of Gompers Harper and Brothers 1957 View Catalog record
Kampelman, Max M. The Communist party vs. the C.I.O.; a study in power politics Praeger 1957 View Catalog record
Brown, J. Douglas, Harbison, Frederick H. High-talent manpower for science and industry : an appraisal of policy at home and abroad Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1957 View Catalog record
Taylor, George W., Pierson, Frank C. New concepts in wage determination McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1957 View Catalog record
Corson, John J., McConnell, John W. Economic needs of older people Twentieth Century Fund 1956 View Catalog record
Goldberg, Arthur J. AFL-CIO, labor united McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1956 View Catalog record
Reynolds, Lloyd G., Taft, Cynthia H. The evolution of wage structure Yale University Press 1956 View Catalog record
Scott, William H., Banks, J. A., Halsey, A. H., Lupton, T. Technical change and industrial relations : a study of the relations between technical change and the social structure of a large steelworks Liverpool University Press 1956 View Catalog record
Whyte, William H., Jr. The organization man Simon and Schuster 1956 View Catalog record
Roberts, Benjamin C. Trade union government and administration in Great Britain University of London-London School of Economics and Political Science 1956 View Catalog record
Lipset, Seymour M., Trow, Martin A., Coleman, James S. Union democracy : the internal politics of the International Typographical Union Free Press 1956 View Catalog record
Anderson, Odin W., Feldman, Jacob J. Family medical costs and voluntary health insurance; a nationwide survey McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1956 View Catalog record
Melman, Seymour Dynamic factors in industrial productivity B. Blackwell 1956 View Catalog record
Burns, Eveline M. Social security and public policy McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1956 View Catalog record
Stigler, George J. Trends in employment in the service industries Princeton University Press 1956 View Catalog record
Bendix, Reinhard Work and authority in industry; ideologies of management in the course of industrialization John Wiley and Sons 1956 View Catalog record
Blumenthal, W. Michael Codetermination in the German steel industry; a report of experience Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1956 View Catalog record