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Borus, Michael E. Youth and the labor market : analyses of the National Longitudinal Survey W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 1984 View Catalog record
Borus, Michael E. Tomorrow's workers Lexington Books 1983 View Catalog record
Botson, Michael R., Jr. Labor, civil rights, and the Hughes Tool Company Texas A&M University Press 2005 View Catalog record
Bourdon, Clinton C., Levitt, Raymond E. Union and open-shop construction : compensation, work practices, and labor markets Lexington Books 1980 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G. The wage-price issue : a theoretical analysis Princeton University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G., Harbison, Frederick H., Princeton Manpower Symposium Unemployment in a prosperous economy; a report Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1965 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G., Harbison, Frederick H., Lester, Richard A., Somers, Herman M. The Princeton Symposium on the American System of Social Insurance: Its Philosophy, Impact, and Future Development McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1968 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G., Sosa, Julie A. Prospects for faculty in the arts and sciences : a study of factors affecting demand and supply, 1987 to 2012 Princeton University Press 1989 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G., Finegan, T. Aldrich The economics of labor force participation Princeton University Press 1969 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G., Chingos, Matthew M., McPherson, Michael S. Crossing the finish line : completing college at America's public universities Princeton University Press 2009 View Catalog record
Bowles, Samuel, Gintis, Herbert Schooling in capitalist America : educational reform and the contradictions of economic life Basic Books 1976 View Catalog record
Bradley, Philip D. The public stake in union power University of Virginia Press 1959 View Catalog record
Breckinridge, Elizabeth L. Effective use of older workers Wilcox and Follett Co. 1953 View Catalog record
Brennan, Michael J., Taft, Philip, Schupack, Mark B. The economics of age W. W. Norton & Co. 1967 View Catalog record
Brill, Steven The Teamsters Simon and Schuster 1978 View Catalog record
Brittain, John A. The payroll tax for social security Brookings Institution 1972 View Catalog record
Brock, Jonathan Bargaining beyond impasse : joint resolution of public sector labor disputes Auburn House Publishing Co. 1982 View Catalog record
Bronfenbrenner, Kate, Oswald, Rudolph A., Friedman, Sheldon, Seeber, Ronald L., Hurd, Richard W. Organizing to win : new research on union strategies ILR Press 1998 View Catalog record
Brooks, George W., Derber, Milton, McCabe, David A., Taft, Philip, Industrial Relations Research Association Interpreting the labor movement University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1952 View Catalog record
Brown, Charles, Hamilton, James, Medoff, James L. Employers large and small Harvard University Press 1990 View Catalog record