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Block, Richard N., Mills, Daniel Quinn, Driscoll, James W., Mitchell, Daniel J. B., Feuille, Peter, St. Antoine, Theodore J., Foulkes, Fred K., Stieber, Jack, Freeman, Richard B., Thomson, Andrew, McKersie, Robert B., Wallace, Phyllis A., Medoff, James L., Wheeler, Hoyt N. U.S. industrial relations, 1950-1980 : a critical assessment University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1981 View Catalog record
Bloom, Howard S. Back to work : testing reemployment services for displaced workers W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 1990 View Catalog record
Bluestone, Barry, Bluestone, Irving Negotiating the future : a labor perspective on American business Basic Books 1992 View Catalog record
Blum, Albert A., Estey, Marten S., Kuhn, James W., Wildman, Wesley A., Troy, Leo White-collar workers Random House 1971 View Catalog record
Blum, Albert A. International handbook of industrial relations : contemporary developments and research Greenwood Press 1981 View Catalog record
Blum, Milton L. Industrial psychology and its social foundations Harper and Brothers 1949 View Catalog record
Blumenthal, W. Michael Codetermination in the German steel industry; a report of experience Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1956 View Catalog record
Blundell, Richard, Walker, Ian Unemployment, search, and labour supply Cambridge University Press 1986 View Catalog record
Bodie, Zvi, Shoven, John B., Wise, David A. Issues in pension economics University of Chicago Press 1987 View Catalog record
Bodie, Zvi, Munnell, Alicia H. Pensions and the economy : sources, uses, and limitations of data University of Pennsylvania Press 1992 View Catalog record
Boeri, Tito, Brücker, Herbert, Docquier, Frédéric, Rapoport, Hillel Brain drain and brain gain : the global competition to attract high-skilled migrants Oxford University Press 2012 View Catalog record
Boeri, Tito, Patacchini, Eleonora, Peri, Giovanni Unexplored dimensions of discrimination Oxford University Press 2015 View Catalog record
Boeri, Tito, Lucifora, Claudio, Murphy, Kevin J. Executive remuneration and employee performance-related pay : a transatlantic perspective Oxford University Press 2013 View Catalog record
Bok, Derek C. The cost of talent : how executives and professionals are paid and how it affects America Free Press, Maxwell Macmillan Canada, Maxwell Macmillan International 1993 View Catalog record
Bok, Derek C., Dunlop, John T. Labor and the American community Simon and Schuster 1970 View Catalog record
Boling, Patricia The politics of work-family policies : Japan, France, Germany, and the United States Cambridge University Press 2015 View Catalog record
Booth, Alison L. The economics of the trade union Cambridge University Press 1995 View Catalog record
Boraston, Ian, Clegg, Hugh A., Rimmer, Malcolm Workplace and union : a study of local relationships in fourteen unions Heinemann Eduational 1975 View Catalog record
Borjas, George J. Friends or strangers : the impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy Basic Books 1990 View Catalog record
Borjas, George J., Freeman, Richard B. Immigration and the work force : economic consequences for the United States and source areas University of Chicago Press 1992 View Catalog record