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Authors/Editors Title Publisher Year More Info
Belman, Dale, Wolfson, Paul J. What does the minimum wage do? W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2014 View Catalog record
Bendix, Reinhard Work and authority in industry; ideologies of management in the course of industrialization John Wiley and Sons 1956 View Catalog record
Benner, Chris Work in the new economy : flexible labor markets in Silicon Valley Blackwell Publishers 2002 View Catalog record
Berg, Ivar E. Education and jobs; the great training robbery Praeger 1970 View Catalog record
Berggren, Christian Alternatives to lean production : work organization in the Swedish auto industry ILR Press 1992 View Catalog record
Bergmann, Barbara R. The economic emergence of women Basic Books 1986 View Catalog record
Berkowitz, Edward D., DeWitt, Larry The other welfare : supplemental security income and U.S. social policy Cornell University Press 2013 View Catalog record
Berkowitz, Edward D. Disabled policy : America's programs for the handicapped Cambridge University Press 1987 View Catalog record
Berkowitz, Monroe, Rones, Philip L., Meier, Elizabeth L., Mitchell, Olivia S., Trachtman, Lester, Borus, Michael E., Parnes, Herbert S., Sandell, Steven H., Seidman, Bert The Older worker University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1988 View Catalog record
Berkowitz, Monroe, Hill, M. Anne Disability and the labor market : economic problems, policies, and programs ILR Press 1986 View Catalog record
Berliner, Joseph S. Factory and manager in the USSR Harvard University Press 1957 View Catalog record
Bernhardt, Annette, Morris, Martina, Handcock, Mark S., Scott, Marc A. Divergent paths : economic mobility in the new American labor market Russell Sage Foundation 2001 View Catalog record
Bernstein, Irving Arbitration of wages University of California Press 1954 View Catalog record
Bernstein, Irving Turbulent years; a history of the American worker, 1933-1941 Houghton Mifflin Co. 1969 View Catalog record
Bernstein, Irving A caring society : the New Deal, the worker and the Great Depression : a history of the American worker, 1933-1941 Houghton Mifflin Co. 1985 View Catalog record
Bernstein, Merton C. The future of private pensions Free Press 1964 View Catalog record
Berri, David J., Schmidt, Martin B., Brook, Stacey L. The wages of wins : taking measure of the many myths in modern sport Stanford Business Books 2006 View Catalog record
Berry, Robert C., Gould, William B., IV, Staudohar, Paul D. Labor relations in professional sports Auburn House Publishing Co. 1986 View Catalog record
Bettio, Francesca, Plantenga, Janneke, Smith, Mark Gender and the European labour market Routledge 2013 View Catalog record
Bewley, Truman F. Why wages don't fall during a recession Harvard University Press 1999 View Catalog record