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Barkin, Solomon Worker militancy and its consequences, 1965-75 : new directions in Western industrial relations Praeger 1975 View Catalog record
Barnes, Louis B. Organizational systems and engineering groups; a comparative study of two technical groups in industry Harvard University-Graduate School of Business Administration-Division of Research 1960 View Catalog record
Barocci, Thomas A., Kochan, Thomas A., Mitchell, Daniel J. B., Dyer, Lee Industrial relations research in the 1970's : review and appraisal University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1982 View Catalog record
Barrell, Ray The UK labour market : comparative aspects and institutional developments Cambridge University Press 1994 View Catalog record
Barron, John M., Berger, Mark C., Black, Dan A. On the job training W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 1997 View Catalog record
Barsby, Steve L. Cost-benefit analysis and manpower programs Lexington Books 1972 View Catalog record
Bartik, Timothy J., Houseman, Susan N. A future of good jobs? : America's challenge in the global economy W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 2008 View Catalog record
Bartik, Timothy J. Jobs for the poor : can labor demand policies help? Russell Sage Foundation 2001 View Catalog record
Baumol, William J., Blinder, Alan S., Wolff, Edward N. Downsizing in America : reality, causes, and consequences Russell Sage Foundation 2003 View Catalog record
Bawden, D. Lee, Skidmore, Felicity Rethinking employment policy Urban Institute Press 1989 View Catalog record
Bäck-Wiklund, Margareta, Van der Lippe, Tanja, Den Dulk, Laura, Doornie-Huskies, Anneke Quality of life and work in Europe : theory, practice and policy Palgrave Macmillan 2011 View Catalog record
Beardwell, Ian Contemporary industrial relations : a critical analysis Oxford University Press 1996 View Catalog record
Beaumont, Richard A., Tower, James W. Executive retirement and effective management Industrial Relations Counselors 1961 View Catalog record
Bebchuk, Lucian A., Fried, Jesse Pay without performance : the unfulfilled promise of executive compensation Harvard University Press 2004 View Catalog record
Becker, Gary S. Human capital; a theoretical and empirical analysis, with special reference to education National Bureau of Economic Research 1964 View Catalog record
Becker, Joseph M. Experience rating in unemployment insurance, an experiment in competitive socialism Johns Hopkins University Press 1973 View Catalog record
Becker, Joseph M. Guaranteed income for the unemployed; the story of SUB Johns Hopkins University Press 1968 View Catalog record
Becker, William E., Jr., Baumol, William J. Assessing educational practices : the contribution of economics MIT Press, Russell Sage Foundation 1996 View Catalog record
Belcher, David W. Compensation administration Prentice-Hall 1974 View Catalog record
Bellows, Roger M. Psychology of personnel in business and industry Prentice-Hall 1949 View Catalog record