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Ashford, Nicholas Askounes Crisis in the workplace : occupational disease and injury : a report to the Ford Foundation MIT Press 1976 View Catalog record
Atherton, Wallace N. Theory of union bargaining goals Princeton University Press 1973 View Catalog record
Atkinson, Anthony B. Inequality : what can be done? Harvard University Press 2015 View Catalog record
Autor, David H. Studies of labor market intermediation University of Chicago Press 2009 View Catalog record
Bahramitash, Roksana, Esfahani, Hadi Salehi Veiled employment : Islamism and the political economy of women's employment in Iran Syracuse University Press 2011 View Catalog record
Bain, George Sayers Industrial relations in Britain Basil Blackwell 1983 View Catalog record
Bain, George Sayers, Price, Robert Profiles of union growth : a comparative statistical portrait of eight countries Basil Blackwell 1980 View Catalog record
Bain, George Sayers The growth of white-collar unionism Clarendon Press 1970 View Catalog record
Baitsell, John M. Airline industrial relations, pilots and flight engineers Harvard University-Graduate School of Business Administration-Division of Research 1966 View Catalog record
Baker, Helen, France, Robert R. Centralization and decentralization in industrial relations Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1954
Baker, Helen, Ballantine, John W., True, John M., Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section Transmitting information through management and union channels : two case studies Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1949 View Catalog record
Bakke, E. Wight A positive labor market policy; policy premises for the development, operation, and integration of the employment and manpower services Charles E. Merrill Books 1963 View Catalog record
Baldwin, George B. Beyond nationalization; the labor problems of British coal Harvard University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Bales, Kevin Disposable people : new slavery in the global economy University of California Press 1999 View Catalog record
Banks, Olive The attitudes of steelworkers to technical change Liverpool University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Barbash, Jack The practice of unionism Harper and Brothers 1956 View Catalog record
Barbash, Jack Trade unions and national economic policy Johns Hopkins University Press 1972 View Catalog record
Barbash, Jack Labor's grass roots; a study of the local union Harper and Brothers 1961 View Catalog record
Barbash, Jack Unions and telephones; the story of the Communications Workers of America Harper and Brothers 1952 View Catalog record
Barker, Kathleen, Christensen, Kathleen Contingent work : American employment relations in transition ILR Press 1998 View Catalog record