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Dalton, Melville Men who manage; fusions of feeling and theory in administration John Wiley and Sons 1959 View Catalog record
Taft, Philip The A.F. of L. from the death of Gompers to the merger Harper and Brothers 1959 View Catalog record
Harbison, Frederick H., Myers, Charles A. Management in the industrial world; an international analysis McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1959 View Catalog record
Cartter, Allan M. Theory of wages and employment Richard D. Irwin 1959 View Catalog record
American Assembly Wages, prices, profits, and productivity : background papers and the final report of the Fifteenth American Assembly, Arden House, Harriman Campus of Columbia University, Harriman, New York April 30-May 3, 1959 American Assembly, Columbia University 1959 View Catalog record
Lipset, Seymour M., Bendix, Reinhard Social mobility in industrial society University of California Press 1959 View Catalog record
Norgren, Paul H., Webster, Albert N., Borgeson, Roger D., Patten, Maud B. Employing the Negro in American industry; a study of management practices Industrial Relations Counselors 1959 View Catalog record
Stieber, Jack The steel industry wage structure; a study of the joint union-management job evaluation program in the basic steel industry Harvard University Press 1959 View Catalog record
Kolaja, Jiri A Polish factory; a case study of workers' participation in decision making University of Kentucky Press 1960 View Catalog record
Marcson, Simon The scientist in American industry : some organizational determinants in manpower utilization Harper and Brothers 1960 View Catalog record
Slichter, Sumner H., Healy, James J., Livernash, E. Robert The impact of collective bargaining on management Brookings Institution 1960 View Catalog record
McGivering, Ian C., Mattews, D. G. J., Scott, William H. Management in Britain : a general characterisation Liverpool University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Ross, Arthur M., Hartman, Paul T. Changing patterns of industrial conflict John Wiley and Sons 1960 View Catalog record
Horowitz, Morris A. The New York hotel industry : a labor relations study Harvard University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Allen, Victor L. Trade unions and the Government Longmans 1960 View Catalog record
Bowen, William G. The wage-price issue : a theoretical analysis Princeton University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Galenson, Walter The CIO challenge to the AFL; a history of the American labor movement, 1935-1941 Harvard University Press 1960 View Catalog record
Dale, Ernest The great organizers McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1960 View Catalog record
McGregor, Douglas The human side of enterprise McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1960 View Catalog record
Garbarino, Joseph W. Health plans and collective bargaining University of California Press 1960 View Catalog record