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Baldwin, George B. Beyond nationalization; the labor problems of British coal Harvard University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Cleland, Sherrill The influence of plant size on industrial relations Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1955 View Catalog record
Ulman, Lloyd The rise of the national trade union : the development and significance of the structure, governing institutions, and economic policies Harvard University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Galenson, Walter Labor productivity in Soviet and American industry Columbia University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Koontz, Harold, O'Donnell, Cyril Principles of management; an analysis of managerial functions McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1955 View Catalog record
Sampson, Robert C. The staff role in management, its creative uses Harper and Brothers 1955 View Catalog record
Warner, W. Lloyd, Abegglen, James C. Occupational mobility in American business and industry, 1928-1952 University of Minnesota Press 1955 View Catalog record
Chinoy, Ely Automobile workers and the American dream Doubleday 1955 View Catalog record
Knowles, William H. Personnel management, a human relations approach American Book Co. 1955 View Catalog record
Newcomer, Mabel The big business executive; the factors that made him, 1900-1950 Columbia University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Larrowe, Charles P. Shape-up and hiring hall; a comparison of hiring methods and labor relations on the New York and Seattle water fronts University of California Press 1955 View Catalog record
Derber, Milton Labor-management relations at the plant level under industry-wide bargaining : a study of the engineering (metal-working) industry in Birmingham, England University of Illinois-Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations 1955 View Catalog record
Lecht, Leonard Abe Experience under railway labor legislation Columbia University Press 1955 View Catalog record
Bendix, Reinhard Work and authority in industry; ideologies of management in the course of industrialization John Wiley and Sons 1956 View Catalog record
Blumenthal, W. Michael Codetermination in the German steel industry; a report of experience Princeton University-Industrial Relations Section 1956 View Catalog record
Barbash, Jack The practice of unionism Harper and Brothers 1956 View Catalog record
Roberts, Benjamin C. Trade union government and administration in Great Britain University of London-London School of Economics and Political Science 1956 View Catalog record
Melman, Seymour Dynamic factors in industrial productivity B. Blackwell 1956 View Catalog record
Corson, John J., McConnell, John W. Economic needs of older people Twentieth Century Fund 1956 View Catalog record
Wilensky, Harold L. Intellectuals in labor unions : organizational pressures on professional roles Free Press 1956 View Catalog record