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Goldstein, Joseph The government of British trade unions : a study of apathy and the democratic process in the Transport and General Workers Union Allen and Unwin 1952 View Catalog record
Leiter, Robert D. The musicians and Petrillo Octagon Books 1953 View Catalog record
Sturmthal, Adolf F. Unity and diversity in European labor; an introduction to contemporary labor movements Free Press 1953 View Catalog record
Ching, Cyrus Stuart Review and reflection, a half century of labor relations B. C. Forbes 1953 View Catalog record
Tuckman, Jacob, Lorge, Irving Retirement and the industrial worker: prospect and reality Columbia University-Teachers College-Bureau of Publications 1953 View Catalog record
Stein, Emanuel, New York University Conference on Labor Proceedings of sixth annual conference on labor Matthew Bender and Co. 1953 View Catalog record
National Manpower Council A policy for scientific and professional manpower; a statement by the council Columbia University Press 1953 View Catalog record
Hall, Harold R. Some observations on executive retirement Harvard University-Graduate School of Business Administration-Division of Research 1953 View Catalog record
Morse, Nancy C. Satisfactions in the white-collar job University of Michigan-Institute for Social Research-Survey Research Center 1953 View Catalog record
National Planning Association. Committee on the Causes of Industrial Peace Under Collective Bargaining Fundamentals of labor peace : a final report National Planning Association 1953
Chamberlain, Neil W. Social responsibility and strikes Harper and Brothers 1953 View Catalog record
Ilse, Louise Wolters Group insurance and employee retirement plans Prentice-Hall 1953
Breckinridge, Elizabeth L. Effective use of older workers Wilcox and Follett Co. 1953 View Catalog record
Black, James M., Piccoli, J. George Successful labor relations for small business McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1953
Woytinsky, Wladimir S., Twentieth Century Fund Employment and wages in the United States Arno Press 1953 View Catalog record
Argyris, Chris Executive leadership; an appraisal of a manager in action Harper and Brothers 1953 View Catalog record
Goldmark, Josephine Impatient crusader : Florence Kelley's life story University of Illinois Press 1953 View Catalog record
Redfield, Charles E. Communication in management, a guide to administrative communication University of Chicago Press 1953 View Catalog record
Sayles, Leonard R., Strauss, George The local union, its place in the industrial plant Harper and Brothers 1953 View Catalog record
Chalmers, W. Ellison, Chandler, Margaret K., McQuitty, Louis L., Stagner, Ross, Wray, Donald E., Derber, Milton Labor-management relations in Illini City University of Illinois-Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations 1953 View Catalog record