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Derber, Milton, Industrial Relations Research Association Proceeding of the first annual meeting. Cleveland, December 29-30, 1948 Industrial Relations Research Association 1949 View Catalog record
Bellows, Roger M. Psychology of personnel in business and industry Prentice-Hall 1949 View Catalog record
Burns, Eveline M. The American social security system Houghton Mifflin Co. 1949 View Catalog record
Calkins, Fay G. The CIO and the Democratic Party University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press 1952 View Catalog record
Taylor, George W., University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Finance and Commerce-Labor Relations Council Labor arbitration series University of Pennsylvania Press 1952
Walker, Charles R., Guest, Robert H. The man on the assembly line Harvard University Press 1952 View Catalog record
Scott, William H. Industrial leadership and joint consultation; a study of human relations in three Merseyside firms University Press of Liverpool 1952
Galenson, Walter, Adams, John Clarke, Deutscher, Isaac, Flanders, Allan D., Lorwin, Val R., Taft, Philip, Walker, Kenneth F. Comparative labor movements Prentice-Hall 1952 View Catalog record
Riegel, John W. Executive development : a survey of experience in fifty American corporations University of Michigan Press 1952 View Catalog record
Peters, Edward Conciliation in action : principles and techniques National Foremen's Institute 1952
National institute of industrial psychology Joint consultation in British industry Staples Press 1952
Barbash, Jack Unions and telephones; the story of the Communications Workers of America Harper and Brothers 1952 View Catalog record
Maier, Norman R. F. Principles of human relations, applications to management John Wiley and Sons 1952 View Catalog record
Rose, Arnold M. Union solidarity : the internal cohesion of a labor union University of Minnesota Press 1952 View Catalog record
Josephson, Matthew Sidney Hillman : statesman of American labor Doubleday 1952 View Catalog record
Goldstein, Joseph The government of British trade unions : a study of apathy and the democratic process in the Transport and General Workers Union Allen and Unwin 1952 View Catalog record
Knowles, Kenneth Guy Jack Charles Strikes--a study in industrial conflict, with special reference to British experience between 1911 and 1947 Basil Blackwell 1952 View Catalog record
Dale, Ernest Planning and developing the company organization structure American Management Association 1952 View Catalog record
Yoder, Dale Personnel principles and policies; modern manpower management Prentice-Hall 1952 View Catalog record
Brooks, George W., Derber, Milton, McCabe, David A., Taft, Philip, Industrial Relations Research Association Interpreting the labor movement University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1952 View Catalog record