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Aaron, Benjamin, Christensen, Thomas G. S., Feller, David E., Koretz, Robert F., Rabin, Robert J., Summers, Clyde W., Morris, Charles J. The Future of labor arbitration in America American Arbitration Association 1976 View Catalog record
Aaron, Benjamin, Grodin, Joseph R., Stern, James L. Public-sector bargaining Bureau of National Affairs 1979 View Catalog record
Aaron, Benjamin, Eischen, Dana E., Burgoon, Beatrice M., Kahn, Mark L., Cullen, Donald E., Rehmus, Charles M., Seidenberg, Jacob The Railway Labor Act at fifty : collective bargaining in the railroad and airline industries National Mediation Board 1977 View Catalog record
Aaron, Benjamin Labor courts and grievance settlement in Western Europe University of California Press 1971 View Catalog record
Aaron, Henry J. Behavioral dimensions of retirement economics Russell Sage Foundation, Brookings Institution 1999 View Catalog record
Aaron, Henry J., Bosworth, Barry P., Burtless, Gary T. Can America afford to grow old? : paying for Social Security Brookings Institution 1989 View Catalog record
Abbott, Michael G., Beach, Charles M., Chaykowski, Richard P. Transition and structural change in the North American labour market IRC Press, Queen's University-Industrial Relations Centre, Queen's University-John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy 1997 View Catalog record
Abegglen, James C. The Japanese factory; aspects of its social organization Free Press 1958 View Catalog record
Abowd, John M., Freeman, Richard B. Immigration, trade, and the labor market University of Chicago Press 1991 View Catalog record
Abraham, Katharine G., Spletzer, James R., Harper, Michael J., Conference on Research in Income and Wealth Labor in the new economy University of Chicago Press 2010 View Catalog record
Adams, Leonard P., Aronson, Robert L. Workers and industrial change : a case study of labor mobility Cornell University Press 1957 View Catalog record
Adams, Roy J., Juris, Hervey A., Thompson, Mark S., Daniels, Wilbur Industrial relations in a decade of economic change University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1985 View Catalog record
Adams, Walter The Brain drain Macmillan Co. 1968 View Catalog record
Aiken, Michael T., Ferman, Louis A., Sheppard, Harold L. Economic failure, alienation, and extremism University of Michigan Press 1968 View Catalog record
Alexander, Robert J. Organized labor in Latin America Free Press 1965 View Catalog record
Alexander, Robert J. A history of organized labor in Cuba Praeger 2002 View Catalog record
Allen, Louis A. Management and organization McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1958 View Catalog record
Allen, Steven G., Becker, Brian E., Block, Richard N., Clark, Robert L., Ehrenberg, Ronald G., Gershenfeld, Walter J., Holzer, Harry J., Ichniowski, Casey, Kleiner, Morris M., Lewin, David, Milkovich, George T., Olson, Graig A. Human resources and the performance of the firm University of Wisconsin-Industrial Relations Research Association 1987 View Catalog record
Allen, Victor L. Trade unions and the Government Longmans 1960 View Catalog record
Amenta, Edwin When movements matter : the Townsend plan and the rise of social security Princeton University Press 2006 View Catalog record