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Authors / Editors Title Publisher Year More Info
Abramitzky, Ran,Boustan, Leah Platt Streets of Gold: America’s Untold Story of Immigrant Success PublicAffairs 2022
Arnold, Douglas R. Fixing Social Security: The Politics of Reform in a Polarized Age Princeton University Press 2022
Banerjee, Pallavi The Opportunity Trap: High-skilled workers, Indian Families, and the Failures of the Dependent Visa Program. New York University Press 2022
Berkman, Lisa F.,Truesdale, Beth Overtime: America’s Aging Workforce and the Future of Working Longer Oxford University Press 2022
Brooks, Jennifer E. Resident Strangers: Immigrant Laborers in New South Alabama Louisiana State University Press 2022
Kelly, Kim Fight Like Hell: The Untold History of American Labor One Signal Publishers/Atria 2022
Levy, Karen Data Driven: Truckers, Technology, and the New Workplace Surveillance Princeton University Press 2022
Pearson, Chad Capital’s Terrorists: Klansmen, Lawmen, and Employers in the Long Nineteenth Century University of North Carolina Press 2022
Prout, Jerry Chasing Automation: The Politics of Technology and Jobs from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Society Northern Illinois University Press 2022
Trebilcock, M.J. Paradoxes of Professional Regulation: In Search of Regulatory Principles University of Toronto Press 2022
White, Ahmed Under the Iron Heel: The Wobblies and the Capitalist War on Radical Workers University of California Press 2022
Caldemeyer, Dana M. Union Renegades: Miners, Capitalism, and Organizing in the Gilded Age University of Illinois Press 2021
Carson, Jenny A Matter of Moral Justice: Black Women Laundry Workers and the Fight for Justice University of Illinois Press 2021
Cummings, Scott L. An Equal Place: Lawyers in the Struggle for Los Angeles Oxford University Press 2021
Eeckhout, Jan The Profit Paradox: How Thriving Firms Threaten the Future of Work Princeton University Press 2021
Goldin, Claudia Career & Family: Women's Century-Long Journey Toward Equity Princeton University Press 2021
Groeger, Cristina Viviana The Education Trap: Schools and the Remaking of Inequality in Boston Harvard University Press 2021
Jacoby, Sanford M. Labor in the Age of Finance: Pensions, Politics, and Corporations from Deindustrialization to Dodd-Frank Princeton University Press 2021
Monforton, Celeste,Von Bergen, Jane M. On the Job: The Untold Story of Worker Centers and the New Fight for Wages, Dignity, and Health The New Press 2021
Schatz, Ronald W. The Labor Board Crew: Remaking Worker-Employer Relations from Pearl Harbor to the Reagan Era University of Illinois Press 2021