Prizes and Initiatives

Dissertation Prize

Albert Rees Prize for the Outstanding Princeton Ph.D. Dissertation in Labor Economics

 The prize is awarded every two years for Princeton Ph.D. dissertations, completed within the last six years, judged to have made outstanding contributions to labor economics. The prize commemorates Al Rees's great contributions to labor economics at Princeton as a scholar, teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend.

Book Awards

Since 1949 the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton has issued an annual list of "Noteworthy Books in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics". These books are selected each spring by the associates of the Industrial Relations Section from among the many dozens published during the previous year in the areas of Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, and Labor Economics. The list includes eminent scholarly works as well as significant new books of interest to a wider audience of practitioners and general readers.

The Richard A. Lester Award

The William G. Bowen Award


The Clarence J. Hicks Memorial Fellowship in Industrial Relations

Richard A. Lester Fellowship for Industrial Relations


Selected References

Selected References is an annotated bibliography produced by the library on current interest topics in industrial relations. Once issued semiannually, Selected References became an annual publication as of July 2014. The July issue features noteworthy books in industrial relations, including the winners of the Richard A. Lester Award and The William G. Bowen Award. Issues are available electronically through this site or upon request.

Noteworthy Books

Junior Informal Meetings (JIM)

JIM is a biweekly virtual meeting of junior faculty and postdoctoral researchers in labor economics. Sponsored by the Industrial Relations Section.