Two papers by Mas accepted by AER and ARE

Sept. 28, 2020

Forthcoming in the American Economic Review


Title:  Sources of Displaced Workers’ Long-Term Earnings Losses

Abstract:  We estimate the magnitudes of reduced earnings, work hours, and wage rates of workers displaced during the Great Recession using linked employer-employee panel data from Washington State. Displaced workers’ earnings losses occurred mainly because hourly wage rates dropped at the time of displacement and recovered sluggishly. Lost employer-specific premiums explain only 17 percent of these losses. Fully 70 percent of displaced workers moved to employers paying the same or higher wage premiums than the displacing employers, but these workers nevertheless suffered substantial wage rate losses. Loss of valuable specific worker employer matches explains more than half of the wage losses.

Authors: Marta Lachowska, Alexandre Mas, Stephen A. Woodbury


Forthcoming in the Annual Review of Economics


Title:  Alternative Work Arrangements

Abstract:  Alternative work arrangements, defined both by working conditions and by workers’ relationship to their employers, are heterogeneous and common in the U.S. This article reviews the literature on workers’ preferences over these arrangements, inputs to firms’ decision to offer them, and the impact of regulation. It also highlights several descriptive facts. Work arrangements have been relatively stable over the past 20 years, work conditions vary substantially with education, and jobs with schedule or location flexibility are less family-friendly on average. This last fact helps explain why women are not more likely to have schedule or location flexibility and seem to largely reduce hours to get more family-friendly arrangements.

Authors: Alexandre Mas and Amanda Pallais