Neilson and collaborators presented at International Development Bank in November 2019

Feb. 26, 2020

Seminar Nov 15th

The event was hosted at the International Development Bank in Washington DC. The panels and speakers were a mix of researchers, graduate students, and practitioners that work on topics related to school choice and centralized student assignment systems. The topics included were research and policy projects that incorporate new technologies and insights from behavioral economics to market design in practice. Our partners at the IDB also presented and policy partners from Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. The researchers associated with Professor Neilson also presented our research projects in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, New Haven, CT and Chile.

Institutions invited to the conference:

  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Schmidt Futures
  • Wellspring
  • Infinite Campus
  • Ministry of Education, Peru
  • Ministry of Education, Ecuador
  • Secretary of Education, Pernanmbuco, Brazil
  • New Haven Public Schools District

Main Researchers:

  • Seth Zimmerman, the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
  • Jennifer Jennings, Department of Sociology, Princeton University
  • Christopher Neilson, Department of Economics, Princeton University

Speaker bios and presentations: Advances in school assignment systems in practice: The promise of data science

See the full agenda.


Research Workshop Nov 14th

From November 14th until 16th, collaborators and Ph.D. students from different top US universities that work with Professor Neilson presented work in progress on researching initiatives related to school assignment systems.

This workshop had the objective to share the work done during this year, receive feedback from different points of view and expertise, and generate new research opportunities for the next few years.

The other objective was to allow for the researchers to interact with policymakers to foster greater collaboration and generate new research opportunities.

Participants Research Workshop

  • Christopher Neilson Assistant Professor, Princeton University
  • Seth Zimmerman, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
  • Xiaoyang Ye Postdoc in Education Policy, Princeton University
  • Sebastián Otero, graduate student, and collaborator, Stanford
  • Felipe Arteaga, graduate student, and collaborator, Berkeley
  • Olivia Bordeau, graduate student, and collaborator, Chicago
  • Álvaro Carril, graduate student, and collaborator, Princeton University
  • Tomás Larraucau, graduate student and collaborator, U Penn
  • María Fernanda Ramírez, graduate student and collaborator, Harvard
  • Felipe Álamos graduate student, and collaborator, MSc Chicago
  • Manuel Martínez Data Research Assistant, Yale University
  • María Elena Guerrero Research Assistant Yale University
  • Franco Calle Research Assistant Princeton University
  • Thomas Krussig Research Assistant and Data Scientist
  • Alejandrina Correa Research Assistant and Data Scientist
  • Ignacio Riveros Research Assistant and Data Scientist
  • Isabel Jacas Data Research Assistant and Data Scientist
  • Eduardo Vargas Research Manager J-PAL Dominican Republic