IRS Section Printer Setup Instructions

As of February 2024, the Section's multifunction copier/printer/scanner/fax device has been replaced.  This requires following instructions from OIT, which are linked to below. The new device is a Canon ImageRunner Advance DX C5840i, and its OIT assigned name is CR10329.

Please note that when following the instructions, if you're told to chose "TigerPrint or TigerPrintColor" or "PawPrint or PawPrintColor", you need to follow the instructions twice in either case:  Once to map to the first printer (TigerPrint or PawPrint - monochrome) and once to map to the second (TigerPrintColor or PawPrintColor - color).

Where the instructions ask for the model number of the printer, provide just the numeric part of the printer's model above: 5840

Summary link for connecting to the new printer, how to release jobs, etc.

Faculty and Staff instructions (TigerPrint and TigerPrintColor) instructions for Windows and for Mac.

Student instructions (PawPrint and PawPrintColor) instructions for both Windows and Mac.

Finally, any printer you have that includes the text "printcanon" or "CR399" can be deleted from your printer list, as those are associated with the old printer device.

Please open a ticket with [email protected] if you need assistance with the above.