Clarence J. Hicks Memorial Fellowship

The Clarence J. Hicks Memorial Fellowship in Industrial Relations

Founded in 1946 by the trustees of Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc., and derived from the gifts of individuals and corporations in recognition of the vision and leadership of the late Clarence J. Hicks in promoting better teaching, research, and practice in the profession of industrial relations. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable a qualified individual to undertake the study of industrial relations in accordance with a program approved by the director of the Industrial Relations Section and, preferably, to allow the fellow to divide time between study and research at Princeton and field work in industry.

Headshot of Rachel Fung

Current Awardee:

The Clarence J. Hicks Memorial Fellowship in Industrial Relations for academic year 2023-24 was awarded to Rachel Fung. 

Past Awardees:

  • 2022-2023 Christiane Szerman
  • 2020-2021 Jiwon Choi
  • 2019-20 Emily Battaglia
  • 2017-18 Terry Moon
  • 2015-16 Jakob Schlockermann
  • 2014-15 Judd Cramer, Inessa Liskovich, Neel Sukhatme
  • 2013-14 Judd Cramer and Pauline Leung
  • 2012-13 Tatiana Homonoff
  • 2011-12 Nikolaj Harmon
  • 1964-65 P. Gayer
  • 1963-64 R. Rogers
  • 1962-63 D. A. Stager
  • 1961-62 P. P. Proulx
  • 1955-56 William G. Bowen
  • 1953-54 C. Edward Weber
  • 1952-53 William D. Wood
  • 1951-52 William B. Ross
  • 1950-51 Andrew L. Kelemen
  • 1949-50 Andrew L. Kelemen
  • 1948-49 Edward D. Wickersham
  • 1947-48 Fred Slavick¬†