German Administrative Data Project

The Research Data Center (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) in the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) facilitates access to micro data on the labor market for non-commercial empirical research. Originally located at the Institute of Employment Research in Nuremberg, Germany, an additional access point for FDZ data has been opened in the Industrial Relations Section (IR Section) located in the Louis A. Simpson building at Princeton University.

The FDZ data on individuals, households and establishments derives from several sources. Administrative data are obtained from the notification process of the social security system and the internal procedures of the Federal Employment Agency. The data contains daily information on the employment and unemployment history of individuals, occupations, education, wages, benefits, job search activities and participation in training programs covered by the German social security system. These records are available for every employee participating in the German social security system since 1975 and cover about 80% of the German population. The IAB also conducts its own surveys of households and firms. The data include establishment-level survey and administrative data on German employers and linked-employer-employee data. The administrative and survey data can be analyzed separately, but all IAB surveys can also be linked to the respondent administrative records.

For more information, please see a presentation given by Joerg Heining, researcher at the FDZ or review the most recent update of the FDZ newsletter.

The day-to-day administrators of the data center are Valerie Ching and Eugenia Moore

Only users who have completed the application process and been approved may use the Data Center. The approval process includes obtaining Princeton IRB approval by sending a synopsis of your research to Chad Pettengill, IRB Assistant Director,  chadp@exchange.Princeton.EDUYou will need this approval even if your project was approved by the IRB at your home institution.

The Center is located in the Industrial Relations Section of the Louis A. Simpson building, 20 Washington Road, and is open limited hours. Once your application has been approved, you may reserve the IAB Data Center room by clicking the scheduling calendar.

Please contact with any questions.

Prior to your first visit, please print out and sign the Princeton IAB confidentiality agreement and bring this with you to the IR Section.