Mahsa Khoshnama & Carol Shou, Princeton University

Feb 22, 12:00 pm1:20 pm


Event Description

"The Role of Wages and Fringe Benefits in Job Search: Evidence from a Large-Scale Online Field Experiment" - Mahsa Khoshnama 


This study examines the impact of wages and job benefits on job search behavior. Utilizing wage and benefit data from a leading employer review platform, we conduct a large-scale randomized control trial on 112 online job boards to estimate the elasticity of job seekers' applications to posted wages and their willingness to pay for job benefits. A 10% higher wage increases job seekers' probability to view and apply to an ad by 3-5%. Job seekers in lower-paid occupations exhibit a higher sensitivity to wages. Many job benefits are highly valued by job seekers: Home office is valued at around 18 percent of wages, company car at 14 percent, and company-provided child care and parking spots at around 9 percent of wages. The average vacancy offers job benefits worth 23 percent of wages. We further document that higher-paying firms typically offer more amenities. Taking the distribution and valuation of job benefits into account, we show that job value inequality is significantly higher than wage inequality.


"The Impacts of Articulation Agreements on Community College Transfer Rates: A California Case Study" - Carol Shou