Northeast Labor Symposium for Early Career Economists (NLS-E) 2022

Mar 3Mar 4


Event Description
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The Northeast Labor Symposium for Early Career Economists (NLS-E) brings together researchers based in the Northeastern United States and beyond to discuss cutting edge work on labor markets.

Our goal is to build a closer community among junior faculty working on labor economics topics by exchanging ideas related to ongoing projects. The 1.5-day workshop (March 3-4, 2022) will include presentations of working papers/work-in-progress related to the following topics:

  • Inequality (technical change, mobility, race, gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ, labor demand)
  • Wage setting and imperfect competition in labor markets (monopsony, bargaining, unemployment)
  • Labor supply (immigration, labor force participation)
  • Human capital (education, health, child development)
  • Labor market institutions (unions, minimum wages, regulation)
  • Other topics in labor economics (crime, program evaluation, etc.)

The NLS-E is sponsored by Princeton's Industrial Relations Section.  Organizers are: Chris Campos, Natalia Emanuel, Emma Harrington, and Tianyi Wang

Attendance is by invitation only.

Symposium Schedule

Thursday March 3, 2022

Time (ET) Topic Session
8:00am   Breakfast
9:00am Personnel

Collective Bargaining for Women: How Unions Create Female-Friendly Jobs

Authors: Viola Corradini, Lorenzo Lagos, and Garima Sharma

Discussant: Christina Brown

9:40am Personnel

Subjective versus Objective Incentives and Teacher Productivity

Authors: Tahir Andrabi and Christina Brown

Discussant: Lorenzo Lagos

10:20am   Break
10:40am Crime

Laffer’s Day in Court: Revenue Effects of Criminal Justice Fees and Fines

Authors: Samuel Norris and Evan Rose

Discussant: Hui Ren Tan

11:20am Crime

Origins of a Violent Land: The Role of Culture

Author: Hui Ren Tan

Discussant: Evan Rose

12:00pm   Lunch
1:00pm Education

College Major Restrictions and Student Stratification

Authors: Zach Bleemer & Aashish Mehta

Discussant: Camille Terrier

1:40pm Education

From Immediate Acceptance to Deferred Acceptance: Effects on School Admissions and Achievement in England

Authors: Camille Terrier, Parag A. Pathak, and Kevin Ren

Discussant: Zach Bleemer

2:20pm   Break
2:40pm Migration

Cousins From Overseas: The Labour Market Impact of Half a Million Portuguese Repatriates

Authors: Lara Bohnet, Susana Peralta, João Pereira dos Santos

Discussant: Cevat Aksoy
3:20pm Migration

Mobile Internet Access and the Desire to Emigrate

Authors: Joop Adema, Cevat Aksoy, and Panu Poutvaara

Discussant: João Pereira dos Santos

4:00pm   Break
4:30pm Crime/Education

Police Violence Reduces Civilian Cooperation and Engagement with Law Enforcement

Authors: Jesse Bruhn, Panka Bencsik, Desmond Ang, and Ellora Derononcourt

Discussant: Anjali Adukia

5:10pm Crime/Education

What we teach about race and gender: Representation in images and text of children’s books

Authors: Anjali Adukia, Alex Eble, Emileigh Harrison, Hakizumwami Runesha, and Teodora Szasz

Discussant: Jesse Bruhn

5:50pm   Break


Friday March 4, 2022

Time (ET) Topic Session
8:00am   Breakfast
9:00am Personnel II

Talent Hoarding in Organizations

Author: Ingrid Haegele

Discussant: Joshua Mask

9:40am Personnel II

Salary History Bans and Healing Scars from Past Recessions

Author: Joshua Mask

Discussant: Ingrid Haegele

10:20am   Break
10:40am Public Finance

Long-Run Intergenerational Effects of Social Security

Authors: Daniel K. Fetter, Lee Lockwood, and Paul Mohnen

Discussant: Daniel Herbst

11:20am Public Finance

Opportunity Unraveled: Private Information and the Missing Markets for Financing Human Capital

Authors: Daniel Herbst and Nathaniel Hendren

Discussant: Paul Mohnen

12:00pm   Lunch
1:00pm   End

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