"The Costs of Employment Segregation: Evidence from the Federal Government under Wilson" - Guo Xu, University of California, Berkeley

Sep 27, 1:20 pm2:35 pm
Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, Rm 217 and via Zoom



Event Description

Guo Xu is an Assistant Professor at the Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Guo Xu will be presenting in person. Viewers may also attend via Zoom.


We link personnel records of the federal civil service to census data for 1907-1921 to study the segregation of the civil service by race under President Woodrow Wilson. Using a difference-in-differences design to compare the black-white wage gap around Wilson's presidential transition, we find that the introduction of employment segregation increased the black wage penalty by 7 percentage points. This gap increases over time and is driven by a reallocation of already-serving black civil servants to lower paid positions. Our results thus document significant costs borne by minorities during a unique episode of state-sanctioned discrimination.