Monopsony in the Labor Market Conference

Oct 24, 12:00 amOct 25, 12:00 am
Sundance Resort, Utah


Event Description

Staiger, D. Joanne Spetz and Ciaran Phibbs, "Is There Monopsony in the Labor Market?
Evidence From a Natural Experiment," presented by Doug Staiger

Torberg Falch (2001) "Estimating the elasticity of labor supply utilizing a quasi- natural
experiment.” Presented by Torberg Falch

Paul Heaton, et. al., “Enlistment Supply in the Army and Navy.” Presented by Paul

Michael Ransom and David Sims, "Estimating the Firm's Labor Supply Curve in a "New
Monopsony" Framework: School Teachers in Missouri.” Presented by Michael Ransom
and David Sims

Alan Manning, “ The Plant Size-Place Effect: Agglomeration and Monopsony in Labour
Markets,” presented by Alan Manning

Ronald L. Oaxaca and Michael R. Ransom, "Sex Differences in Pay in a 'New
Monopsony' Model of the Labor Market." Presented by Ron Oaxaca

Hirsch, Boris, T. Schank and C. Schnabel, "Gender Differences in Labor Supply to
Monopsonistic Firms: An Empirical Analysis Using Linked Employer-Employee Data
from Germany,” presented by Boris Hirsch

Natalya Y. Shelkova, “Low-Wage Labor Markets and the Power of Suggestion”

Jeremy Fox, "Labor market competition and internal labor markets," presented by Jeremy

Suresh Naidu, “Recruitment Restrictions and Labor Markets: Evidence from the Post-
Bellum U. S. South”

Round Table Discussion: “How Competitive is the Labor Market?”

Participants: Peter Kuhn, Alan Manning, Michael Ransom, Orley Ashenfelter