Current Projects

Industrial Relations Section faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, and visiting scholars engage in a variety of research projects, often collaborating with fellow scholars across the globe. These projects include Random Control Trials, analysis of large merged datasets, development of resources that can be used by other researchers, and other activities that advance our understanding of labor economics.

Census Linking Project-Boustan, Abramitzky, et al

What if you could link U.S. census records to follow individuals and families across time in order to explore research questions related to migration, economic opportunity, intergenerational mobility, and more? What if you could easily download these linked datasets as a starting point for your research? Now you can, thanks to The Census Linking Project, developed by Leah Boustan and her collaborators.

COVID-19 Small Business Study: Neilson et al.

Did the Paycheck Protection Program help firms withstand the COVID crisis? Did small firms face disadvantages in utilizing government resources? Professor Christopher Neilson and coauthors survey small business owners to shed light on these timely and policy-relevant research questions.