This paper presents an analysis of the impact of a workplace education program that
was administered by a community college at two companies. One of the companies we study
is in the manufacturing sector and the other is in the service sector. The analysis relies on
longitudinal administrative data and cross-sectional survey data. We examine a broad range
of outcome variables, including workers’ earnings, performance awards, job attendance, and
subjective performance measures. Our main finding is that the program had a small, positive
impact on earnings at the manufacturing company, but an insignificant impact at the service
company. We also find that the training program had a positive association with the
incidence of job bids, upgrades, performance awards, and job attendance. At the
manufacturing company, occupational courses, such as blue print reading, had the largest

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Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 16, No. 1, 1998
Krueger, A., & Rouse, C. (1994). New Evidence on Workplace Education. Retrieved from (Original work published May 1994)
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